Give a bouquet of greenery...just as pretty as flowers..

Posted December 8th, 2015 by Mimi

Why spend big dollars on expensive flowers when we live in a Temperate/Tropical climate and we're surrounded by glossy foliage everywhere we look?

I took these Lilly Pilly cuttings from our own trees this morning. I shook them well to release any loose berries, and washed them under the tap to make them glossy, and rid them of any flower residue.

Then using the basic idea of forming any bouquet, where you add the stems to your hand, revolving the bouquet as you go to get that ball sort of look, and formed the bouquet.

Once I had it the size I wanted, I used kitchen scissors to trim any overhanging or too-long stems, to keep the shape pretty. I trimmed the lower stems to make them all the same length.

I then held it together with a rubber band around the stems.

Then I used a sheet of printed cellophane bought from Koch & Co last Christmas at a bargain price for 100 sheets because it had hearts on it and not Christmas things, to wrap it, tying it with a huge satin bow (ribbon also purchased from Koch & Co last year).

I've clipped a little glittered red bird ornament to the middle (yes, another post Christmas bargain from last year) and it's ready to be gifted to the volunteers at the op shop. I've done four, one for each of them.

The trick to making them look effective, is to keep them to that classic bouquet shape, use neutral cellophane to wrap them, and be lavish with the ribbon trim.

Cost, about $1.50 each :)

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