An extravagantly decorated table, saves on food that goes to waste!

Posted December 3rd, 2015 by Mimi

This year, I'm focusing on setting a truly beautiful Christmas table, and serving simple food.

I get that we don't feel right, if the table isn't groaning with stuff on Christmas Day, but it's a special sort of crazy really, isn't it? We waste so much and I'd rather donate a little more to charity now that we have a family of adults.

So, we're making it a feast for the eyes and soul, not just the stomach.

Our menu this year, is a simple leg ham, two lovely salads, fresh stone fruit and nuts in the shell, and a dessert yet to be decided. That's it.

But here's how I want the table to look...

or this...

..or this...

I probably should explain the tartan idea.

I got this tartan at Spotlight for $2 a metre.

And already had the striped 'ticking' style fabric, the vintage blue and white toile, and the chambray remnant. They go together in that totally over-the-top mixed pattern style that I would never do for every day, but which I kinda like for Christmas :)

We have off white china, silver candelabra, and a small collection of blue and white ginger jars. I need more of those actually so I feel an op shop trawl coming on! I've been lucky to pick the ones I have up for $2 or thereabouts. New, they're actually really expensive!

Here's a first run....

That's all from things I already have. The beautiful roses were a gift from a friend. Aren't they a gorgeous colour?

I had to giggle to myself when I did this though, because my eye simply won't allow too much busy-ness and I chose to include the rose, as well as my pink wine glasses, because of that touch of pink on the Ginger jar. This is a more understated version, isn't it. I'll have to take my 'understated-ness' off, I think!

I think I'll fill the Ginger jars with chocolate éclair lollies or something and just stress that the sweets are for eating and the jars for returning ;-)

I'll do a long low floral centrepiece using some silverware I've collected over the years, and some similar coloured roses either from the garden or from the florist wholesaler a day or two before. You'd be amazed what you can create with a fruit bowl, some $2 florist foam, a bunch of inexpensive flowers and some greenery from the garden!

So in between all that prettiness, will sit a couple of platters of cold food, beautifully presented, and won't we all feel special.

There's more to a celebration meal than indulging the stomach. What about indulging the eye as well.

Merry Christmas :)

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