Who knew? High end Designer Copycats of SS gift ideas.

Posted December 20th, 2013 by Mimi

So in my travels this Christmas, I've seen the following items, well known to we SSers, selling for outrageous prices.

Large clip top jar of Jam Drops $40

Basket weave knitted face washer $30

Foaming hand soap $39

'Rustic' French Milled Soap $39

Soap that looks and smells exactly like Sunlight (the original) wrapped in a piece of paper with the Eiffel Tower printed on it and a sprinkle of glitter $20

Crocheted Christmas Bells $40

Aged Balsamic Dressing $39

Limoncello $30-$80

After Dinner Mint Liqueur $45

Passionfruit or Raspberry Liqueur $55

Gourmet Chocolate Syrup $29

Gourmet Chutney $22

Eco Friendly pink laundry detergent $40

Cellophane bag of cookies $17

Fudge 2 squares for $4.50, much more for a box or bag of it

Coconut Ice $13

5 puppets on paddle pop sticks $42

Christmas cards with a bit of twine and glitter to make them look vintage and rustic $9 each

Seriously....we SSers need to set up our own cottage business. We could be making a killing!

Conversely, we should NEVER suffer 'home made cringe' when gifting our clever stuff when the gourmet Deli's and Department Stores are flogging it off so shamelessly!

Merry Christmas everyone :)

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