It wouldn't be Christmas without....

Posted December 5th, 2014 by Mimi

Here at my place, it wouldn't be Christmas without...

Christmas Carols playing every night

Battery operated candles and silver tinsel in the fireplace

Home made decorations

Chocolate Ginger cakes dusted with icing sugar over lace so it makes a pretty pattern, then wrapped in cellophane with big double satin green bows on them.

Boxes to Operation Christmas Child

Gifts to the KMart Wishing Tree

Food donations to the boxes outside the supermarkets

Carols by Candlelight at the wonderfully daggy community event in our area

Daggy food like Devon, Cheese Cubes and coloured cocktail onions on toothpicks, and prunes wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven

Twig trees sprayed gold and hung with vintage baubles

Fairy lights

Glitter everywhere

Sewing and crafting


A last minute dash for something silly like Cranberry Sauce or nuts in the shell

A bowl of ruby red plums interspersed with the aforementioned nuts in the shell and some silver tinsel

The scent of stone fruit through the house

Cold chicken with home made fruity Dukkah, which is a sort of nut and fruit paste

Leg ham with home made tomato relish and Onion Confit

A neighbourhood drive to see the Christmas lights

A sausage on bread at Bunnings when we go to buy flowering plants for the pots on the front stairs

My crazy siblings and their families all singing Jingle Bells at the Community Carols

My equally crazy sons and their partners and children all in one place at the same time

What wouldn't you be without at Christmas?

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