An interesting idea...can you manage your higher needs if your basic ones are not met?

Posted July 17th, 2013 by Mimi

I remember learning about Maslows Hierarchy of Needs when I was at Uni.

Basically it's the idea that until your more basic needs are being fulfilled, in other words the ones at the base of the pyramid, you cannot move on to fulfilling your higher needs.

Therefore, people who are struggling at the base of the pyramid, perhaps the homeless (at the very bottom, facing lack of basic physiological needs) or those of us who are facing unemployment or family or health issues (Lack of safety needs) perhaps cannot begin to contemplate the ideas at the peak, because their more basic human needs remain unfulfilled.

I can certainly pinpoint times in my life where the lack of one or more needs in the red or orange sections, prevented me from being fulfilled in the top three.

What are your thoughts?

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