Aloe Vera Gel makes the best Makeup primer ever!

Posted August 8th, 2013 by Mimi

I have this little tiny bottle of 100% Aloe Vera gel that cost me $5.

I've used it as an ingredient in many home made skin lotions and potions.

Well, I have to report that I've just tried it as a makeup primer after reading a recommendation that suggested it's a great sort of natural 'spakfilla' for skin like mine that requires a bit of magic to make it appear silky smooth. It's also purported to be a natural tightening and lifting agent.

It is unbelievably effective.

You only need a tiny dot, which you smooth all over your face after applying your usual moisturiser. Allow it to dry completely, then apply mineral makeup powder with a Kabuki brush.

Your brush will glide over your skin like satin, and you'll have a newly silky smooth, glowing complexion.


I wish I'd known about it before I spent $30 on that darn Nanoblur...curses!

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