French Milled Soaps with Milk and Macadamia Oil

Posted March 28th, 2013 by Mimi

French milled or Rebatched soap is a method by which you grate the soap up (or in this case, use soap flakes), add water and other ingredients, and remould it into shapes or bars.

It's an easier and less scary way of making your own soaps, and I can vouch for the money saving and skin enhancing properties of this particular one.

Using just Lux Laundry flakes, water, Macadamia Oil and Milk Powder, I created these gorgeous rustic soaps, which smell divine, and leave your skin unbelievably soft and delicately scented.

You need:

750gms Lux flakes or equivalent grated soap

3 cups of water

4 tablespoons of Milk Powder

1/2 cup Macadamia Oil

Few drops of scented or essential oil (Jasmine fragrance oil for oil burners is our favourite)

Bring a large pot of water to a simmer, and sit a large mixing bowl over it.

To the mixing bowl, add the soap flakes, milk powder and water, and stir until it becomes a thick slush.

Add the Macadamia Oil and fragrance oil and stir until combined.

This is how mine looked after rebatching, and spooning into silicone moulds....

As you can see, it's not smooth and liquid. It's sort of a gluey gloop.

Let them set overnight, then unmould onto racks to air and harden. I've found that leaving them for about three weeks gives them more longevity upon use.

One of these soaps lasts us a week or more of showers, as opposed to the store bought ones, which are lucky to last three days.

And they look and smell Very Special :)


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