My Mum's bigger than your Mum!

Posted July 28th, 2010 by Mimi

Ah....serenity at last.

All that agitating, and stamping, and pouting and threatening has paid off.

We have some funding from that know...the one that doesn't exist and even if it did, has no money in it? True story.

It's a testament to persistence and perserverance and simply not taking 'no' for an answer.

We knew in our hearts that in this enlightened day and age, Human Rights legislation spells out clearly what DS's rights are. And we used that to our advantage.

It still came to a game of 'my Dad's (or Mum's) bigger than your Dad (or Mum or Big Boss), but we achieved what we set out to do. To offer a life to our disabled son, that equals the life he would be having if he'd been born able bodied. No more and no less.

So, he is now in to Week 3 of living 'on his own'. The urgent calls for 'something', usually company, truth be known, are becoming less frequent, as other family members and his own friends start to drop by spontaneously, and Mums frozen dinners are gradually being replaced with more gourmet fare.

So I am slowly and cautiously testing the water of spontaneity. Last week a half planned, half spur of the moment coffee with an SS friend was rudely interrupted by a phone call needing something. It ended up being nothing, but he wanted to see my face. And my friend Angel will forgive me. Then I had to abandon the shopping (his and ours) another day...same thing. Then today....nothing...clearly was better occupied with friends. A small step of freedom for me, a giant leap for him.

So, what next? Do I join a political party and make my mark? Or do I just go for a massage and enrol in a silversmith course? Maybe I should just finish my Cookbook and my Memoir and submit both to a publisher and see what happens?

It's liberating to have choices again.

And if you are a Carer of an aged, frail or disabled family member...don't forget to google Mad as's the start of a new era for families like ours.

Meanwhile, it's a peaceful place here these days. We all miss DS and he misses us. But that's the natural order of things. We are ALL happy.

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