Just because you buy it, doesn't mean you'll use it!

Posted October 31st, 2012 by Mimi

I've come to a realisation in recent weeks.

I've been decluttering and unearthing a plethora of art and craft materials, magazine cuttings, lengths of fabric, half finished gifts, glitter, beads, ribbons...you name it.

Some of it is legitimate stuff, that I use on an ongoing basis. Some of it however is 25 years old, and will never be used, I'm ashamed to say.

Of course, a lot of it can be traced back to the time when my disabled DS was still living at home. He has very high support needs, as he has Cerebral Palsy, so I'd often find I'd buy stuff, and then simply not get the chance to use it.

But some of it is stuff I've bought on impulse over the years *smacks own hand* that's just never been used.

I've reinvented some of it, turning lengths of fabric into bed scarves/throws, or cushion covers in recent weeks, and using yarn and knitting needles or crochet hooks to make facewashers and dishcloths. I'm currently turning some op shop wool into knee rugs which I'll probably donate to the Salvos for Winter.

The rest will be sorted into keep/donate/complete baskets and I will have freed up several cupboards, drawers and storage baskets, whilst also adding to my gift pile for the next little while

Then I realised this has overflowed into other areas of my life from time to time...here are some examples.

The exercise bike I bought at a Garage Sale for $10 which I used twice...ditto the mini trampoline.

The gym membership(s) I signed up for over the years and never used.

The weight loss programmes..thankfully none expensive, but included in there would be buying the ingredients for the copycat Tony Ferguson shakes here on the forum, the Aldi diet shakes (which was just silly given that I didn't drink the TF ones), and the Guy Leech Weight Loss Programme which I bought on special at Aldi the other week for just $7.50, but which I equally haven't used. One day, I'll learn that eating sensibly and walking is my best bet, and what's more, it WORKS for me.

Various crazes here in the forum that I've been caught up in, including buying insanely cheap bags of stuff that I had no use for. Not the forums fault...it's me for sure.

Generally, thinking that I simply cannot miss a bargain has probably cost me thousands over the years.

So here I am, five or so years down the track with my SS membership and I'm still learning things about my spending habits.

Just because I buy a thing, doesn't mean I'll use it, make it, keep it, gift it, or find it useful in any way, shape or form.

It's like getting Jennifer Anistons haircut, and thinking you're going to look like her. I haven't done that, but it's a useful parallel.

That's my new SS goal...accept my limitations, and stop thinking that just because I buy a thing, it will magically alter my life in some way.

It's actually a really tough lesson, so wish me luck.

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