Write a Haiku Poem as a gift...

Posted April 28th, 2013 by Mimi

DD and I were recently trying to write a Haiku poem. Do you remember doing them at school? It's a Japanese idea of writing two complimentary or contrasting ideas or comparisons, in a short verse of 17 syllables.

For example:

The sun moves Westward

amongst streaky clouds

capturing my daughters youth


Regal canine reclines

dappled in love

yet disdaining life at large

I wrote those two, and it actually took me a while to express what I wanted in the required number of syllables. Even then, I'm not entirely happy with the 'two juxtaposed ideas' in either of them.

It's actually a real discipline. Try it :)

DD and I are writing a series of them for MIL for Mothers Day and another for DH for Fathers Day. We'll use one of the online book composition printing companies to turn them into a book with appropriate photos.

Now, if only someone would think to do this for me...lol!

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