A hug for all the Motherless Daughters and Sons today...

Posted May 12th, 2013 by Mimi

My Mum as a 17 year old bride.

Missed always. Gone ten years.

This the first year I've approached Mothers Day without tearing up every time I walked past the cards and flowers. I guess time really does heal.

The only difficult moment was when a friendly Mum at high school canteen asked on Friday, what I was doing with my Mum this weekend. But I coped and more importantly, made her feel okay for asking.

Biggest, warmest hugs to all Motherless daughters and sons today.

My Mum is there, just out of reach. Sometimes I hear her just before I wake. Or she touches my shoulder as I drift off to sleep. Or her shadow crosses my line of vision just as I round a corner.

Your Mum is with you, in your heart.

Believe that and you'll be at peace with her absence in your life.

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