What's in the box....decluttering the pantry!

Posted April 14th, 2015 by Mimi

I'm decluttering my kitchen cupboards. Calling it a pantry is optimistic at best.

There's lots of stuff in there that I don't even remember buying. I suspect it's things left over from last years showbags from the RNA show here, better known as 'The Ekka'.

Here's what was lurking in the deepest darkest corners of my kitchen cupboards.

Coffee and Milk in a tin

Cook in the Bag roast chicken seasoning

Chai latte sachets

Suet (I'm not even sure what that is although memories of Plum Pudding with suet ring a bell)

Lots of cupcake liners

And a whole heap of other stuff that I'm not willing to mention here!

So...what to do with this stuff. Well, instinct says, throw it all in the bin, but as a good Simple Saver, that wasn't going to wash with me.

So I'm going to make:

Icecream with the Coffee and Milk in a tin (whip it with some cream...voila! Icecream! Apparently....I saw it in the forum, so it must be true..lol!)

Slow roasted lamb shoulder with the Cook in the Bag thingo (so what if it says Chicken. Lamb is what I have so Lamb it is.) Lamb shoulder is such an economical and flavoursome cut compared to Lamb leg, but it does need long slow cooking.

Here's how I do the Lamb Shoulder:

You'll need:

1 lamb shoulder roast

1 oven bag

5 tablespoons self raising flour

2 tablespoons suet

Pinch salt

Water to form a thick dough

Oil, salt, garlic cloves, peeled and halved

Then just:

Rub the lamb shoulder all over with oil. Sprinkle with a little salt. Push garlic cloves into the fleshy bits, after first making slits in the meat. Add a little flour to the oven bag and slide the roast into the bag. Place the bagged roast into a large baking dish.

Mix the flour, salt and suet, and add enough water to form a thick dough. Spoon small balls of dough into the bag, surrounding the roast. They will fluff up so leave a bit of space between them.

Pierce the bag, and seal it according to the instructions.

Slow roast for 4-6 hours at 160C.

I'll also make chai latte' cupcakes using the latte mix and the cupcake liners....I'll just add the Chai Latte mix to the cake batter.

What's in the deepest, darkest recesses of your cupboards, and how are you using it?

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