Creating memories this low key Christmas 2014

Posted October 29th, 2014 by Mimi

I'm trying hard to not get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas these days.

Granted, it's easier now that our kids are mostly grown. DD is nearly 15, and even she'd rather have a holiday than gifts that won't be interesting beyond December 26th.

Our little granddaughters are too little to know the difference, and we're all struggling with a sort of change of the guard so far as Christmas Traditions go.

I've been discussing No Spend, or No Spend Now, or Little Spend Christmas ideas with the family and here's some thoughts we've come up with.

* An pretend cheque made out to the recipient in an envelope arrived at along a long garland of ribbon with chocolates attached. In the amount area, it might say something like 'up to $50 for something you see but don't have the money for'. This could be used for a future purchase for something that catches the recipients eye, that they perhaps couldn't otherwise afford at the time.

* A Vintage Christmas where all gifts must be bought from thrift stores or markets. And no cheating. And a dollar limit.

* Hand written letters with old photos enclosed, and exchanged between us all, describing a special memory. How precious they would become as a collection, in years to come....

* Just having a No Gift rule, and treating Christmas as a time to spend a moment together.

* Running away and ignoring!

Seriously though, I think we're ready to embrace the no gift idea. What about you?

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