Peace be with me...Please!

Posted June 22nd, 2010 by Mimi

Well, here we are. My disabled sons move out day has come and gone. His belongings are moved, yet he is not. How can this be you ask? Because. Because. Because.

The system to provide support for the disabled and their carers sux...really sux.

The demand for money for the same two groups far outstrips the availability of said funds.

And we failed to NOT plan...yes, you read that correctly. You know that old saying 'If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail?'. I used to think that was true. So plan we have. For nine years we've planned. And now we are told that had we NOT planned, we could probably access crisis funding for DS to live independently...WHAT THE????

We all know the system is failing people like us, and there are changes afoot...but when? The findings of Sen Bill Shortens' productivity commission will not be published until mid 2011. That's a whole year, and then goodness knows how long for changes to be enacted.

Thank goodness for being a Simple Saver. This means that I can impart knowledge to my son, to allow him to spend a part of his Disability Support Payment on carers, and also that due to a frugal lifestyle, we can fund some care ourselves.

We will get this right, but it seems without any intervention or assistance from the very people who you might imagine are there to facilitate these processes. In the end, the 'criteria' and the 'process' are more important than the individual, sadly.

On a lighter note, Son's unit looks fab. All furnished from the Op Shop or with items kindly and generously donated by friends and fellow SSers. He can't wait to move in 'properly'.

Double Dinner month has stirred me to cook up doubles of nearly everything we've had as a meal, resulting in 17 frozen dinners in his new freezer. It's such a simple idea, I don't know why a clever chook like me didn't think of it sooner!

Next on the list is to adopt a doggie friend for him. We'd like him to adopt an ex-racing greyhound, which we believe to be an ideal unit lodging doggie, despite their appearance, but we must gain approval from Government Housing first, and they may take some convincing! As proud owners of a little whippet, we are well aware of what great couch potatoes the Hound breeds are, and smart to boot.

Wish me luck!

Meanwhile I'm off to pursue some Yoga, a healthy lunch and some peace in my life. Dealing with government departments certainly does not engender that!

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