Copycat Palmers Body Butter

Posted August 1st, 2013 by Mimi

Home Made Whipped Body Butter

If you like Palmers Body Butter, you will LOVE this. It smells the same, it looks even yummier, and with the addition of some glimmer powder, will give exactly the same result. It also lasts longer as you only need the tiniest amount to get a great result. Without the glimmer powder, it serves as an excellent crème cleanser and moisturiser for dry skins.

Best of all, it only uses three ingredients, one of which is the sublime Macadamia Oil offered by Ye Olde Shoppe here at Simple Savings, and is truly all natural and organic.

To make an equivalent amount to at least one tube of Palmers Body Butter, you will need:

3/4 cup or 100gms Cocoa Butter (easily sourced online)

1/4 cup Macadamia Oil

1/4 cup boiled, warm water

Glimmer powder if desired

Melt the cocoa butter in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add the Macadamia Oil and water and whisk well. Refrigerate for just long enough for the mixture to harden slightly, but not become completely hard. About 10-15 minutes. If it hardens, pop it back into the microwave on 50% power for about 20 seconds.

Now the next bit is a bit like whipping any butter for frosting or like whipping cream

You need your electric beaters and a bit of patience.

When you first start beating the mixture, it will look like a gooey lumpy mess, but soon enough, your patience will be rewarded and it will begin to resemble the fluffy whipped butter you see in the photo above. This will take 5-10 minutes so just keep those beaters going. Add the body glimmer at the end, just beating long enough to mix it thoroughly.

Once the cream is whipped enough for your liking, scoop it into a suitable container and seal it.

During Winter, it will last a room temperature quite well, but make sure you use it within a month as it is free of preservatives. I also recommend scooping it out with a clean teaspoon or spatula to avoid introducing bacteria from your hands or fingers into the body butter.

In Summer, storage in the refrigerator is probably a good idea, and the chill of the cream in the heat of a Summers evening is divine. If it does soften and liquefy, chilling and rebeating it will solve the problem.

And there you have it. Home made body butter, as good as any organic product out there, and all made by your own hands.


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