Easy peasy snow cones and slushies!

Posted November 26th, 2013 by Mimi

My daughter would have me buying her a Slushie or Frappe` every single afternoon at this time of the year, had we not worked out how to make these yummy Snow Cones at home.

At $4-$5 a pop for a Slushie or Frappe`, that's a huge saving over a week, and that's just for one cooling snack for a sweaty kid in the afternoon. Multiply that by however many kids you have at your place in the afternoon, and it could be a far more significant saving.

This takes about two minutes to make!

All you need for one Snow Cone is:

1 sheet A4 paper for the cone

A stapler

1 sandwich sized ziplock bag to line it

About 1 1/2 trays of ice cubes

A clean teatowel

A meat mallet, preferably metal

A small glass

Some cordial/iced chocolate/iced coffee for flavour

Then just:

Fold the paper into a cone shape and trim the edges that are left sticking up so that you have a neat cone shape. The best way I can describe how to do this is to hold the paper by one corner and coil the rest as if you're about to fold a triangle, but don't fold it. Just coil and gently coax it into a cone shape, and staple it. Once you have a staple in one section, it will hold and you can add more staples and trim the excess paper away.

Cut the zipper section off the ziplock bag, and guide it, corner down, into the paper cone as a lining.

Sit the lined cone in a small glass to hold it upright

Now, empty a tray and a half of icecubes into the middle of your clean teatowel, and enfold them on all sides.

Using the meat mallet, bash the ice to break it up into crystals. How small or large you have them is entirely up to you. We like some powdery, and some chunky.

Tip this into your lined paper cone, and tip a good measure of cordial over it to colour and flavour your Snow Cone.

That's it!

Yummy and dirt cheap!

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