A Very Savings Christmas...ready to go Santa!

Posted December 3rd, 2010 by Mimi

Well, my absence from my Simple Savings Blog, has been for two reasons

A little bout of bad health had me so weary and tired that I could barely string two words together before having a nanna nap.

And of course Christmas preparations have had me on the hop.

Here is a gorgeous last minute Christmas idea for teens, teachers, Mums and anyone loving a bit of luxury. All thanks to my friends on the 50c indulgence thread http://simplesavings.com.au/forum/thread/93407/?replies=66 for the idea. Annabels suggestion was to use a piece of faux fur fabric, and I sort of played with the idea to use the feather boa instead.

This pink feather powder puff is simply a 15cm length cut from a discount store dress up feather boa. It's then been tied in a half knot, and had a pink velvet loop attached to the top, which I gathered in the middle and stitched to form a bow.

A $2 Avon talc, tipped into a vintage cut glass jar snaffled for $1.50 at Lifeline, with the feather powder puff resting inside, gives you one utterly gorgeous gift for under $6.

And don't think that men wouldn't appreciate a nice spicy talc in a black jar, with a black feather applicator...even men love a bit of luxury!

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