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October 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Chuck it or Flog it
  2. New Competition: What is Your Proudest Simple Savings Moment?
  3. The Dreaded Plastics Drawer
  4. Competition Winners: Ideas for Spinach and Pork
  5. Happy Chaos

July 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Practically Nude
  2. Scary Spices
  3. Finding Ingredients
  4. Competition: Ideas for Spinach and Pork
  5. Quiz: How Nude Are You?
  6. Thermomix, Bloody Thermomix!
  7. Impress the Chef
  8. June Winners: Warming Up For Winter
  9. Puppies!

June 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Ultimate Gift Planner
  2. Our Screens Off Month
  3. Getting Unstuck on Gift Ideas
  4. Calendar Challenge Reminder: Gift Planning
  5. Savings Brilliance: Ideas are Free
  6. Hint of the Week Competition: Gift Planning
  7. New Competition: Warming up for Winter
  8. May Competition Winners!

May 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Congratulations, Facebook Volunteers
  2. $21 Challenge Applause
  3. What Could You Do With A Spare 3,796 Hours?
  4. Calendar Challenge Reminder: Screens Off
  5. How To Switch Off The Screens
  6. Hint Of The Week Competition: Screens Off
  7. New Competition: Screen Tantrums
  8. Competitions: March Winners!

March 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

This issue contains:

  1. $21 Challenge Mystery Recipe
  2. Free $21 Challenge Tools
  3. Elora's Favourite Bits
  4. New Competitions!
  5. No-Spend Challenge Competition Winners!!
  6. The $21 Challenge Book - Get One Before They're All Gone

February 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. March is Start a Nest Egg Month!
  2. Calendar Challenges
  3. Tips For Building a Nest Egg
  4. Supporting Each Other in the Forum
  5. Competitions, Competitions, Competitions!
  6. Vault Memberships

January 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. February is No Spend Month!
  2. Tips for No Spend Month
  3. Supporting Each Other in the Forum
  4. Competitions, Competitions, Competitions!
  5. We Are Seeking a Writer

December 2017 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. January Calendar Topic: Eat Together at the Table
  2. The Savings Vault
  3. Competitions, Competitions, Competitions!
  4. Funky, Affordable T-Shirts
  5. Free 2018 Calendar
  6. Hint from the Savings Vault

November 2017 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Return of Hint of the Week
  2. What is the Savings Vault?
  3. New Site Coming Soon
  4. 2018 Simple Savings Calendar
  5. Funky, Affordable T-Shirts
  6. Christmas Gift Ideas
  7. Thank You

July 2017 - Simple Savings Newsletter

New Podcast! Keeping Up with the Joneses

Decades before any of the Kardashians had even been born, unsuspecting consumers were aspiring to keep up with the Joneses - an imaginary 'perfect' family who had it all. These days, you can find examples of the Joneses everywhere, from TV to Facebook and Instagram. But how much do they influence your spending? And what can you do about it? In this new podcast, Fiona and Jackie discuss how to see the reality below that perfect veneer and find ways to put yourself first.

Best of the Forum

Suffering from the winter doldrums? Head to the Simple Savings Forum! You'll always find a warm welcome here and plenty of inspirational discussions to rekindle your 'get up and go'. Here are some fun and interesting chats we've got going on at the moment - there are lots, lots more!

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