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August 2021 - Simple Savings Newsletter


How are you doing? I hope you are well. We are out of lock down at the moment. But, who knows what tomorrow brings. It has been a crazy, topsy turvy, upside down, inside out kind of year.

June 2021 - Simple Savings Newsletter

Fabulously Frugal June - Winter Wellness

May 2021 - Simple Savings Newsletter

How are you going? I hope you are having a great month. In Simple Savings land we are having a “Chuck it out Frenzy” where we are cleaning out the 'odds and sods' and 'Bonus Ingredients' that have been cluttering up the pantry. You know the ingredients I am talking about. Things 'left over from a fancy recipe', 'bought when hungry', 'too busy to use', 'not a staple cooking supply', 'don't know what to do with', 'everyone is scared to eat' or 'bought at the start of Covid'.

April 2021 - Simple Savings Newsletter

Happy Easter! We hope you get a well deserved break and your wallet doesn't take too much of a beating. To help you with your budget we have some easter tips and delicious recipes for you this month.

March 2021 - Simple Savings Newsletter

Our March calendar challenge is to reduce, reuse and recycle our packaging. This will help you save money, save the planet and help your home to be a beautiful place.

July 2020 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. July - Get Moving - Move it or lose it.
  2. How to get active
  3. Making masks
  4. Money saving tips from the Vault
  5. Cooking Competition Hint Winners
  6. Leg Up Program

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