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June 2020 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. This Month's Challenge: Know Your Area
  2. Setting Yourself Some Challenges
  3. May Competition Winners: Isolation Tips
  4. Hints: Doing Things For Ourselves During COVID
  5. New Competition: Win $50 Cooks Challenge

March 2020 - Simple Savings Newsletter

This month is all about preparing for emergencies.

February 2020 - Simple Savings Newsletter

This month we are focusing on decluttering.

January 2020 - Simple Savings Newsletter

This year our focus is on helping the planet. Do you know, everything frugal that we do helps the planet? From growing your own food, buying less, using less, re-using items, fixing and mending, cooking efficiently - it all helps. Saving money and helping the planet go hand in hand.

June 2019 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. How to Not Be Ripped Off - A Guide
  2. A Nail Biter of a Product Trial
  3. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  4. Acne - Healed at Last!
  5. Hint of the Week is BACK!
  6. Competition Winners: What to Plant in a Wicking Bed
  7. New Competition: Tips for Nail Biters

April 2019 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. When the Path Is Blocked
  2. Lower Your Food Bill With Wicking Beds
  3. Competition Winners: Save-O-Meter
  4. New Competition: What Would You Plant?

February 2019 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Growing Online
  2. How to Make Soap at Home
  3. Recipe: Lazy 'Everything at Once' Soap
  4. Save-O-Meter: Watching Your Savings Grow
  5. New Competition: Criticise and Win $50
  6. Competition Winners: Inspiring Others
  7. New: Tools and Downloads Area
  8. Learning With the Lippeys

January 2019 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Save $10,000 in 12 Months
  2. Do You Have 'Poor Habits'?
  3. How Much Will You Save by Changing Just ONE Habit?
  4. Your 12 Month Habit Changer is HERE
  5. The Save-O-Meter is BACK, Baby!
  6. Competition Winners: Inspiring Wealthy Habits
  7. New Competition: Get Growing
  8. Best Gluten Free Bread Ever!

December 2018 - Simple Savings Newsletter

  1. Making Christmas Gifts
  2. The Ultimate Gift Planner
  3. NEW Competition: Inspiring Others
  4. WINNERS: Proudest Simple Savings Moment
  5. Forum: We Have a New Search Engine!
  6. Two-hour Decluttering: Precious Memories

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