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Simple Savings has been helping people claw their way out of debt and enjoy a better quality of life for more than a decade. We genuinely love helping people succeed at saving money because every one of us on the team know how much of a struggle it is not to have any. Even our staff members started out as members themselves! This is the story of how and why the Simple Savings website was created, to help people just like them – and just like you!

From frivolous to frugal

Our site founder, Fiona Lippey is known throughout Australia, New Zealand and far beyond as a Miser Extraordinaire – but it wasn't always that way. Once upon a time she was a student studying Industrial Design, living in a flat with her boyfriend Matt and another girl. Fiona and Matt were very much in love but money was extremely tight and like many couples living under the stress of financial pressure, their relationship was starting to suffer. When you live on an expensive diet of Lean Cuisine, your grocery money doesn't go very far! But they didn't know any other way. Until one day Fiona and Matt found themselves with just $10 left to feed the two of them for the whole week. With no idea how on earth they were going to make it through, they approached their flatmate for help. While she could have just lent them money, she instead gave them something far more valuable. She shared her secrets to how she was able to survive and eat well on a tiny budget, taking them shopping and showing them how they could get the most out of every dollar. From that day on, they never looked back began applying the same principles not only to food, but to every aspect of their lives.

And baby makes three

Time went by, Fiona and Matt got married and had their first baby. Even though their income was still small enough to make them eligible for the dole, they were doing just fine without it. Everyone had warned them how expensive babies were but thanks to their frugal lifestyle the little family was thriving! Unfortunately it soon became apparent to Fiona as she socialised with other young mums that it wasn't the same for everyone – and she could see why. Advertisers and clever marketers were doing a great job of manipulating them into buying the most expensive products for their babies – products that they just couldn't afford but didn't want to be 'bad parents' for not buying the most expensive brands of nappies or formula. Fiona could see through all their sneaky marketing tricks and it really bothered her to see other mums like her being taken advantage of but she didn't know what to do about it. Until one day she witnessed a young woman visibly upset in the supermarket. She was upset because she couldn't afford the 'right' brand of baby goods but bought them anyway, even though she knew it was going to cause an argument with her partner when she got home. Just like Fiona had been years ago, this woman didn't know any other way, and Fiona knew what she wanted to do.

She came home, told Matt what had happened in the supermarket and asked her computer programmer husband to build her a website. She wanted to stop other mums from falling into the marketer's trap and show them there were other ways they could do things which would save them money and still make them a good mum. She wanted to help other people the way her flatmate had once helped her. So Matt agreed. He built Fiona a website, she filled it with hundreds of tips that she knew would help vulnerable new mums and Simple Savings was born.

From little acorns...

From the moment Fiona's new website went live, it just didn't stop growing. Other people soon started sharing their tips too and what started as a place for new mums rapidly became a place where EVERYBODY could learn how to save money on EVERYTHING! Before long, Simple Savings had become a full time occupation for both Fiona AND Matt and for years they ran the site from their tiny two bedroom home on NSW's Central Coast before relocating to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where they continue to operate. As well as growing Simple Savings, the family has also grown and the Lippeys now have four beautiful children.

Simple Savings today

The Simple Savings team has grown too! We have a dedicated team of staff who answer all your queries and provide support and encouragement whenever you need it. We receive hundreds of new hints every week and every one which makes it onto our site is carefully edited and categorised to make it as easy as possible for you to read and find what you are looking for. Simple Savings is a real community full of real people. When you join our site you get instant access to thousands upon thousands of money saving tips and resources that WILL help you – but you may find you get much, much more.


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