Recent Hints

Tomato paste doubles as cheap puree

Tomato paste saves me valuable dollars on buying puree! Whenever a recipe calls for tomato puree, I just use a sachet of tomato paste and then add water to it to make it up to whatever quantity of puree is required. It works as well and tastes just as good. I like to buy the Delmaine concentrated tomato paste, which comes in four little tubs of 70gm each. It is so versatile, and compared to tomato paste takes up far less room in the pantry!

By: Helen

Make every cake of soap last twice as long

To make a cake of soap last twice as long, simply paint the top or bottom with some PVA wood glue and let dry. Doing this means only one side of the soap dissolves, enabling the cake to last double the time. I paint the top side of the cakes of soap when we bring them home. Sometimes my granddaughter even glues a pretty picture to the side!

By: Mick Watterson 2 responses in the members' forum


Hottest Hints

$20 Saturdays for fun weekends

My kids love doing things on Saturdays but even a trip to the movies for our family costs $70. So I invented '$20 Saturday'. We could go anywhere and do anything as long as it didn't cost more than $20 for the whole day. One Saturday each month we would find a spot in the street directory that looked interesting and take a picnic, other times we visited free places such as museums or community festivals and the $20 bought a drink, small snack or ice cream. Not every place was terrific but we gave each place or activity a score to rate whether we would like to do it again. My boys talk fondly of things we did together and places we visited on $20 Saturdays and they learn that you don't have to spend up big to have fun.

By: Alice Wheatley 1 response in the members' forum

Tackling one bad habit a month

I am putting an end to my bad habits for good! I decided to give up one bad habit a month this year - something that costs me money and is not good for me. At the end of each month, I can reward myself have that thing again but I find after not having it for a month I no longer crave them any more!

For January I gave up chocolate. It was hard at first and each time I wanted a chocolate I had to deny my cravings. I also made sure that I did something positive, such as going for a walk until the craving passed. I also made sure that I didn't buy something more expensive to replace what I was giving up. The idea is to save money and look after my health.

When February came I allowed myself chocolate again but found I didn't want it any more! For this month I have given up fruit juice. I am finding that I actually enjoy drinking water and if I need more flavour I just squeeze some fresh juice into it.

In March I plan to stop catching the bus. Instead I am going to walk the 40 minute trip to and from work each day. Although it will take an extra 20 minutes of my time each trip, I will get 40 minutes of exercise for a cost of 20 minutes. Again I hope to continue this indefinitely.

In April I will give up alcohol. When I am out I will order a soft drink or lemon, lime and bitters, which will save me money and be good for me.

Each month I plan to give up something that is small but costly and not so good for my health. By the end of the year I should end up with a lot more money in my pocket and be far healthier too!

By: Michelle M