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Cheap phones, games and movies from CeX

If you need to replace a mobile phone, make sure you check out CeX for great deals! They are Sydney based, but you can order online also. My old Samsung phone was dying, so I decided to get a replacement. I ordered a Huawei, and it was locked to Vodafone for just $80. I am using the Telco "Lebara" which is bought by Vodafone. The software is up to date too, better than the old Samsung! So if you know which provider you are connected to, e.g. Telstra, you can order a phone which is "locked" to them. Locked means, you can only use that provider's SIM card, no others. They have a lot of cheap games and movies available too! For more information, visit their website

By: Nick Blaine

Dairy-free oat milk for 26c per litre

I make dairy-free milk for my allergic daughter for just 26c per litre! I make oat milk at home, and it tastes just like the shop-bought version that we used to buy on special for $2 per litre. I also use it in desserts, baking and cereal, even though I’m not dairy-free. It’s even cheaper than prepared powdered cow’s milk, which I recently priced at 80c per litre!

Here is the recipe (costed out using Coles home brand ingredients) -


1 cup rolled oats 120g (22c)

4 cups water

1 tsp brown sugar (2c) - optional

1 tsp sunflower oil (2c)


  1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender for one minute

  2. Strain through a muslin or a nut milk bag (I use old muslin baby swaddles).

  3. Store in the fridge for up to five days.

My husband and I eat other dairy products and my daughter still has two cups of calcium-fortified, shop-bought, non-dairy milk per day as a drink, but we now use at least three litres less of shop-bought milk per week, working out to a saving of over $300 per year!

By: Freedom from the machine 6 responses in the members' forum


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'Purse system' helps me budget

To help me stick to my budget, I use the 'purse system', where I allocate a certain amount of money each payday to pay for different things, for example, petrol or groceries.

I found the envelope system aesthetically unappealing and difficult to operate, so I purchased a number of small pencil cases from Office Works; they're the perfect size to fit dollar notes into and any receipts for that particular 'budget purse'. I have a red case containing money for my groceries, a black case for my petrol and so on. They are also attractive enough that I use them as my wallets for these purposes; unlike envelopes, I am never too embarrassed to pull a case out and carry it into a shop. The cases cost $8.00 each but they motivate me to stick to a budget - a huge long-term saving!

By: Tynte 54 responses in the members' forum

Weekly supermarket gift card saves for Christmas groceries

I add a supermarket gift card to my weekly grocery list and use them all up to shop for Christmas! After doing some calculations I realised that the ready-made Christmas hampers that you pay for weekly cost three times their actual value, not to mention the fact that they can include many products you won't ever use. My new system for buying Christmas groceries lets me buy my own hamper full of items at the current price or on special.

By: Denise Nolan 29 responses in the members' forum