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An apple a day keeps green potatoes away!

I have solved the problem of green potatoes in our household! I was constantly throwing out potatoes as we never seemed to go through a whole bag of potatoes in time before they turned green. We are only a small family but I didn't want to buy smaller bags, as the larger bags were so much cheaper. Fortunately I discovered a way to extend the life of them and it's so easy! All you need to do is to keep them in an aerated spot in a gunny bag or bowl (basically out of plastic) with a whole apple . The gases from the apple stops the potatoes from going green, doubling the shelf life of the potatoes. Needless to say, make sure you also check the apple each time you use the potatoes to make sure it's not going bad!

By: Harini 7 responses in the members' forum

A sticky end to nail biting

We found a low cost and easy solution to helping our daughter stop her nail biting habit. We used good quality sticking plasters and stuck them to the ends of each finger, cutting to fit where needed. It's best to use a 'good' brand like Band Aid, which will stay on for a while. These days, Kinesiology tape would probably be my go-to, as I think it sticks best (when heat activated). Sometimes I would paint the bitter tasting polish over the top of the sticking plaster as a reminder if her fingers got to her mouth. She was motivated to stop, and we promised she could have nice nail polish on when her nails grew out, so there was a carrot as well!

By: Tania B


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Oven cleaning made easy

I wanted to share this excellent method for cleaning your oven.
Heat your oven to 250C and place two casserole dishes filled with water on each oven rung. Leave for one hour, ensuring the casserole dishes do not boil dry. Turn oven off, remove dishes and let the oven cool for a few minutes. Remove rungs, then wipe oven clean with a soft cloth. The rungs may need a light rub with a Scotchbrite cloth.
The new cloth I used was black in no time but my oven was sparkling clean without the use of chemicals, and only for the cost of heating the oven! An impending visit from the oven repair man motivated me to clean the oven. He commented on how sparkling clean it was – he even wrote down the cleaning instructions!

By: Lorraine Roe 71 responses in the members' forum

$2 dinner nights

I am saving around $100 a month on my grocery bills, thanks to a few simple changes to our family meals. I wanted to reduce our food bill and after some thought came up with the idea of making two nights per week a '$2 Dinner Night'. For example, one night we will have something like toasted baked bean sandwiches or stuffed baked potatoes; the other I use up all the leftover vegetables in the fridge to make a self-crusting quiche. This reduces the amount of food we waste and the kids love it. Even the simplest meals can be delicious and filling and the savings we are making from our twice-weekly $2 dinners are well worth it!

By: Wendy Mckenzie 203 responses in the members' forum