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Cheap MP3 download helped me quit nail biting for good!

I found the answer to quitting my lifelong nail biting habit in a $15 app! Over the years I had tried everything from bitter aloes to spending a fortune paying for regular manicures, thinking if I paid someone I would be too embarrassed to turn up with bitten nails. I do not like acrylic nails at all, so that was not an option for me. Now in my 50's, I shudder to think how much money I have spent on manicures over the years! The only thing that worked for me and worked immediately was hypnotherapy - but not the 'go-see-a-hypnotherapist-at-$300-an-hour-for-five-to-ten-sessions', no way! I simply purchased a downloadable MP3 for $15 USD. I listened to it each night as I went to sleep. Normally it takes about 21 days to change a habit, but I found that it worked for me completely after five days. I have no desire to bite my nails at all. I continue to listen to it from time to time as a "top-up" to maintain the cessation of nail biting. I bought my download online from He has MP3 hypnosis programs for everything from weight loss to writer's block. They vary in price and often he has flash sales from as little as $1 per MP3 program. I am not affiliated with his company at all, but can highly recommend!

By: Kerry 2 responses in the members' forum

Tomato paste doubles as cheap puree

Tomato paste saves me valuable dollars on buying puree! Whenever a recipe calls for tomato puree, I just use a sachet of tomato paste and then add water to it to make it up to whatever quantity of puree is required. It works as well and tastes just as good. I like to buy the Delmaine concentrated tomato paste, which comes in four little tubs of 70gm each. It is so versatile, and compared to tomato paste takes up far less room in the pantry!

By: Helen


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How to plan meals for a family of six

I only need to shop for food once a month and am saving $3000 per year on feeding our family of six.

With four children, I was spending at least $800 per month on shopping, so I came up with a plan to try and cut costs. I went through recipe books and chose meals that I was going to cook for dinner. I wrote a list on an A4 page for every day of that month and what I was going to cook for each day. Then, on another page I wrote all the food items that I needed for the recipes I had pre-chosen and that was my shopping list for the month.

The best thing is I now knew what I was cooking every day, without walking to the fridge and thinking 'what am I cooking?' I also put the A4 page of what we were having for dinner on the fridge and the family knew what we were having each day without asking me!

To start with I went shopping every fortnight for food, but now I do it once a month and only spend $550 each month.

Before I began this routine, I was spending $9600 per year on food for four children and two adults - now I am spending $6600 per year! The extra $3000 we save each year goes into our children's bank account, which they just love!

By: H Lynx 63 responses in the members' forum

Enjoy a big breakfast and save!

I have slashed my grocery bill, kept my kids from grazing AND lost five kilos, simply by enjoying a bigger breakfast. Breakfast items are generally cheaper if you are careful how you shop. Plain brand muesli, Vita Brits, porridge and cornflakes are all cheap items to have in your pantry. Plain brand yoghurt, fruit (canned or fresh) and vegetables are also fairly cheap, as well as tuna on toast. The helpings are generous and we eat until we are full. I've found that over the course of the day, hunger pains are gone, snacking is unnecessary and we eat smaller portions for lunch and dinner. Our savings have been made especially on dinner; we find that we don't eat as much meat and it takes a lot less to satisfy us at night. Not only have the kids stopped grazing, they have better concentration at school, eat all of their dinner because its a smaller portion and have stopped that afternoon dash for sugar, chips and treats. The kids enjoy eating the bigger breakfast because they are really hungry in the morning, as opposed to eating a heavier meal at night when they are tired and fussy and likely not to eat much. Since changing our biggest meal from dinner to breakfast, I've lost five kilos in four weeks and our grocery bill has gone down by at least $30 a week. I can also bulk cook dinner and make them stretch even further now. I look and feel great, am saving money and my family is happier too!

By: Candice Pearce 78 responses in the members' forum