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DIY 'Cryovac' seals your food at home for free!

My savvy DIY food sealing method has saved me a fortune and is so easy! I like to organise meals ahead of time, and have at times thrown out food due to serve freezer burn. I researched Cryovac machines, but priced at anywhere from $400 - $500, not to mention constantly buying bags, it was out of the question. So I came up with a solution! I fill up a container, or the kitchen sink, and when I have the meals prepared in bags and ready to go, I slowly lower it into the water until it is almost level with the top of the bag. Then I just seal it shut. The water forces the bag together and pushes out the air. It works a treat and I have saved hundreds not having to buy a machine, replacement bags and also power!

By: Jessie Stokes 6 responses in the members' forum

Tomato paste doubles as cheap puree

Tomato paste saves me valuable dollars on buying puree! Whenever a recipe calls for tomato puree, I just use a sachet of tomato paste and then add water to it to make it up to whatever quantity of puree is required. It works as well and tastes just as good. I like to buy the Delmaine concentrated tomato paste, which comes in four little tubs of 70gm each. It is so versatile, and compared to tomato paste takes up far less room in the pantry!

By: Helen


Hottest Hints

Cheap toddler food at the shops

I've found a really cheap and nutritious way of feeding my toddler when we are out shopping. Most of the shopping centres around us have a food hall and most of them have a roast carvery type place (that sells roast meat, chips, vegetables and so on).

At the carvery, I ask for a bowl of peas, beans and carrots for my baby. Some places have given it to me for free, commenting how nice it is to see children eating vegetables. Other places will charge $0.50c and the most I have ever paid is $1.00 for a 'big' baby sized bowl full. Don't forget to ask if you are buying a roast meal there yourself, because they may throw in a baby sized bowl free.

It's great when I run out of food at the shops, if he eats everything I have taken with us, or if I've taken longer shopping than planned - it's really healthy and cheaper than buying baby food in jars (which my toddler refuses to eat anyway). We have been doing this since he was eating finger foods from around 12 months old. When he was small he used to eat one pea at a time, which provided hours of entertainment too!

There are other vegetables available but we avoid any that have been fried or cooked in oils (like roast potato) and those that have sauces (like cauliflower cheese).

By: Vandra Stenton

A birthday card for just a few cents

We no longer spend up to $5.00 on a birthday card. Now we spend $0.15c at the very most!

All we do is take a photo of the family holding up a sign that reads 'Happy Birthday'. I have had a pile of them printed off and we simply write a personalised message on the back of each photo.

This great idea can be used on any occasion, including Christmas. So say cheese and save bread!

By: Bruce 12 responses in the members' forum