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Eat your way to lovely, strong nails with blancmange!

If biting your nails is a problem, start growing them from the inside out, with this easy coffee blancmange recipe! All you need is:

One x 400g can coconut milk or cream. 2 tbsp gelatin 2 tsp coffee 1/4 cup hot water Sweetener of your choice, e.g. sugar, stevia or artificial sweetener

Stir the gelatin into the hot water and mix well.
In a separate bowl, put in the coffee and sweetener of your choice and stir, then tip in the can of coconut milk or cream. Pour in the hot gelatin mixture and stir all together well. Refrigerate for one hour.

The result? Delicious, smooth coffee blancmange, with the health benefits of coconut, and gelatin for nail growth!

By: Tony Ransom

Dishwashing liquid breaks down hard to remove stains

I have found a cheap and effective solution for tough laundry stain removal! Stains such as fats or body odours can be notoriously hard to remove. Normal washing powders may be made for getting out dirt and stains but not for breaking down fats and body fluids. To combat the problem, I simply add a squirt of dishwashing liquid to the wash, along with my normal powder and soaker and it works like a charm. After all, it breaks down grease and fatty food residue when doing dishes, it makes sense for it to work on clothes too!

By: Natasha R


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Inexpensive egg McMuffins

For a great-tasting, quick, healthy and inexpensive breakfast, make your own egg McMuffins.

Fry six eggs, using egg rings, (if you don't have any, check your local discount store), fry bacon if you wish, and toast your muffins. Once all ingredients are cooked, assemble egg McMuffins, including sliced cheese and bacon if you like.

Once assembled, wrap each muffin in alfoil and freeze. In the morning, simply take the muffin from the freezer and cook in a moderate oven for 20 minutes. For an even quicker breakfast, unwrap from alfoil and wrap in paper-towel. Place in microwave for at least one minute, depending on microwave.

My kids love these for breakfast, and they only cost around $0.60c each!

I buy Home Brand English Muffins which are around $1.60.

By: Jennelle Dupuy 54 responses in the members' forum

Wedding gift that won't burn your pocket

I have found a low-cost wedding gift that will last throughout any marriage. While it does not cost much, each part of the gift has meaning and it is great to give a close family member or friend. You will need to put together a nice bunch of candles, in pairs of the following colours: white, green, dark blue, pink, cream, red, purple, light blue and silver.

Wrap the candles up with a ribbon or put them in a decorative box or basket, with the following poem attached (author unknown):

A basket of candles that come in a pair
In all different colours, for you two to share
The white ones burn first
They are wrapped in white lace
To celebrate your first married night
In your new chosen place.
The green pair is taller, and also much thinner
Burn with the first company you have over for dinner
The dark blue candles are for after your first fight
Use them to burn while making up all night
Pink candles set the mood and pave the way
For your first married Valentine's Day
Now, when your first year of marriage is through
the cream anniversary pair will light for you two.
Red candles aflame, both your futures are bright
Celebrate promotions you've worked toward with all of your might.
By this time we hope, maybe, just maybe
You can light the purple ones, on the birth of your baby.
And just when you thought you'd put these away
Take the light blue ones out for your fifth anniversary day.
Now just one more pair left for the big 25
The anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.
Congratulations Bride and Groom (insert name here)
On the start of your forever
May the two of you always be happy together
And burn these candles
Just the way we said
But please don't forget - blow them out before bed!

By: amy 34 responses in the members' forum