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Lock in fuel savings and make them last!

Our household has found a super easy way to make the most of cheap fuel prices. We watch the fuel cycles with the ACCC petrol price cycles website ( When it is getting to the lowest point of the cycle, as well as our vehicle, we also fill up five 20 litre fuel containers. If it is inconvenient to do so, we prepay and lock in the fuel price on both of our phones on the 7/11 app. This guarantees that locked price for seven days. We then use that fuel through the next 3-4 weeks (the length of the fuel cycle generally). It's like having our own petrol station at home!

Fuel containers cost around $20-$25 at BCF and the savings per cycle paid for each container. Now it's pure savings of $30 per cycle. Petrol works out around $520 per year less for us, for very little effort! At first, my husband was concerned that the fuel may not last (he is a qualified mechanic), but I showed him some tests BP had done on this matter, finding that six months later, the values were still the same. We notice zero difference in fuel consumption, km/L, or parts wearing out any faster.

Everyone we tell thinks this is an amazing idea, we find it strange that no one else seems to have thought of it!

By: LLNOE 4 responses in the members' forum

Make your own nut butters for a fraction of shop prices

I save a fortune on buying nut butters by making my own. Almond butter, cashew butter and good quality peanut butter can be fairly expensive to buy so instead I buy roasted almonds for about $4 at a bulk supplier (Bin Inn if you're in NZ) and blend it in my Nutribullet with the addition of a smidgeon of olive oil. This gives me twice the quantity of a shop-bought jar which would cost at least $12! You can also add a little honey or chia seeds to add variety. I use the same method to make cashew butter. I simply buy 200g of cashews for $4.80 from an Indian grocer, roast them in the oven and blend them with the addition of a little olive oil to start the process. At around $15 a jar to buy at health food stores, this is a terrific saving!

By: Asoka Basnayake 1 response in the members' forum


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EasiYo yoghurt without the sachets

I make home-made yoghurt in my EasiYo maker for as little as $0.50c per kilo. You don't need to buy the special sachets, all you need is milk powder and a couple of tablespoons of plain yoghurt. I just use 1 and 1/3 cups of milk powder and two heaped tablespoons of yoghurt (saved from the last batch). Easy, cheap and delicious!

By: Kathleen Gaza 36 responses in the members' forum

$410 compost tumbler for only $5

I grow most of our vegetables to eat healthy and save money. I save all scraps to compost and I wanted a tumble composter. They turn lawn clippings and scraps into compost in 14 to 21 days. The composter is priced at $410. I bought a 240 litre plastic drum (cherry bin) from the local trash and treasure market for $5.00. My husband drilled holes in the lid. It doesn't have a frame but I roll it on the lawn for five rotations once a day and I make compost in 21 days. It isn't hard to roll but I can't empty it into a wheel barrow (I'm only five feet tall) so I spread a sheet of plastic on the lawn and tip it out onto that. The compost is fantastic.

By: Karen Wilson 12 responses in the members' forum