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My uni studies STOPPED me biting my nails!

I've been enjoying long, beautiful nails for 30 years, thanks to a method called behaviour modification! I was required to do it as part of a psychology unit at university. It is a method which rewards good behaviour and punishes bad behaviour. This is the method:

  1. You determine what you want to change: I want to stop biting my fingernails.
  2. You determine what would be a good reward. I will give myself $1.00 coin.
  3. You determine what would be a good punishment. I will give $2.00 to charity. Note: It is best that the punishment is worse than the reward, so you can obviously achieve your positive goal ASAP. The simpler your rewards and punishments are, the better. I used the money to purchase a scarf but you could do it for anything.
  4. You work out what you need to motivate yourself to achieve that positive outcome. I used hand cream daily, I used oil to massage the cuticles daily, I painted my nails with nail hardener and once the nails grew past my fingers, I got manicures regularly.
  5. Draw up a table as shown below, to keep track of your progress daily to get to your eventual goal:

Day 1 – Outcome: I put my fingers in my mouth So you put a cross in the negative box and take the punishment. Negative Positive Punishment Reward x $2.00 paid to charity

Day 2 – Outcome: I didn’t put my fingers in my mouth So you put a cross in the positive box and take the reward Negative Positive Punishment Reward x $1.00 paid to myself

From memory I stopped biting my nails after the second week and kept going until I grew my nails to the length I wanted them. I found that it took about 10 weeks to achieve the outcome I wanted. I didn’t think I would get long fingernails, but I did and continue to do so!

By: Heather B 2 responses in the members' forum

Get every last cent out of your powder foundation

I have found an easy way to use up every last bit of make-up powder foundation. You know when you have almost got to the end of your powder compact, and all that is left is the powder on the rim? It's sad to waste, but so hard to use. Not any more, however! I've discovered it can easily be removed using a small spoon or lolly stick, then transferring it into another container. From there, you can simply apply it with a brush, like a loose powder! From now on, every time I buy a new compact, the left over bits first get mixed together and used. These days I never run out in between buying my more expensive foundation. Better still, I get to use the crushed foundation powder for 'everyday' and keep the new compact for special occasions, making it last even longer!

By: Phran Cassey


Hottest Hints

Create a 'roundtuit' fund

I have found a great way to stop impulse buying. I turn the money I would have spent into a 'roundtuit'. A roundtuit is one of those things you always put off and say you will get 'around to it'. Have you always wanted to learn to ride a horse or treat yourself to a massage? Or buy an art print but, because of the expense, have never got around to it? Well, I now put the money I would have spent on impulse buying straight into my roundtuit fund.

Instead of buying that glossy magazine, I look at the price and I put that amount into a special pocket in my wallet. I try and jot down what I nearly bought as well. When the time comes to buy the art print I have always wanted, I can see that it was worth two magazines, a fast food lunch, a shirt on special and a home delivered pizza. I don't feel guilty because the purchase has been funded by my roundtuit fund.

I no longer waste money on stuff I don't really need and I can also see where I am most likely to waste money, which will hopefully protect me from temptation. Most importantly, I'm able to achieve my dreams, almost without realising it. It's a great way to save for what you really want, so isn't it about time you got around to it?

By: Kel G 1 response in the members' forum

Chemical-free toilet bowl freshener

This simple tip saves money on toilet cleaners and air fresheners! A cheap and easy way to keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh is to make your own antibacterial spray. I have a spray bottle on the window sill filled with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. After each flush, we spray two or three squirts in the toilet bowl and close the lid. It keeps the room smelling lovely and our toilet sparkling clean without yucky chemicals.

By: Spud 9 responses in the members' forum