Save $80 in a hour making your own soap

High quality home made soap is beautiful, but it costs a FORTUNE!!! It ranges from between $80 to $100 per kilo. Ewk!

The good news is it is a heck of a lot cheaper if you learn how to make it yourself. You can make your own top quality Olive oil soap for $7 per kilo or Cosmetic Grade Macadamia Oil soap for $25 per kilo. (Our Lazy 'Everything at Once' Soap recipe is Cosmetic Grade Macadamia Oil Soap.) And, it only takes an hour to make 1.5 kilos of soap.

The good news is it only takes about an hour to make 1.5 kilos of soap. This means it is easy to save yourself $80 in an hour by making your own soap.

The best tutorials I found for making soap are by Liz from Night Owl Crafts. In it she will show you everything you need to know to make hot or cold process soap.

Soap making tutorial

Part 1:

Part 2:

In Liz's video she talks about Hot Process and Cold Process soaps. Here are the advantages and disadvantages I found with each method.

Cold Process

  • Easier to make. You only need to raise the temperature to 40 degrees, stir it together and pour into the mould
  • Good for beginners
  • It is easier to pour into moulds because it is runny
  • Soap must sit for 6-8 weeks before you can use it to allow the caustic soda and oil to turn to soap
  • The effectiveness of essential oils is reduced as they interact with the caustic soda

Hot Process

  • Takes about an hour to make
  • It can be used the same day
  • Essential oils are more effective because they are added after the caustic soda and oils have reacted with each other
  • It is hard to stir because it sets
  • It is hard to put in the mould

Let's move onto the soap recipe: Lazy 'Everything at Once' Soap


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