Bargain wedding gown to fab formal dress. Is it possible?

Posted August 21st, 2013 by Mimi

So, I've seen this stunning dress, just the sort of thing that DD loves and has been pinning on Pinterest, and it's a bargain price. Not quite the $1 that another SS friend managed for a formal gown recently, but nearly as good.

It's glittery, and slimline, and has floaty bits on it, and is quite stunning all round.

DD and I have always agreed that if the 'right' dress popped up anywhere anytime soon, at the right price, that we'd snaffle it even though year 12 formal is four years away. We've seen the prices on those dresses that retail at the favourite formalwear place near us and it's scary.

So she's seen it, and adores it. She's not the kind of girl whose tastes vary wildly and anyway, formal wear doesn't seem to vary that much year to year.


It's white. Well off-white.

I don't want her looking all bridal, and she'd prefer some colour somewhere.

So does anyone have any idea on how to de-bride a perfect dress at a perfect price that just happens to be white?

I haven't bought it yet, but would like to grab it before someone else does. But I don't want to waste my money either.

Any thoughts?

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