Stupid fashion advice...

Posted June 20th, 2013 by Mimi

I had an email newsletter today from a notable magazine.

This magazine had a feature on swimwear. Well, it's based in the Northern Hemisphere you see.

The advice was to wear swimwear in the same colour as your skintone. Calling it 'Nude', and adding that this strategy would make you appear taller and more slender.

No. No. No.

As some friends and I in the forum recently discussed, the wearing of flesh coloured clothing, and more specifically flesh coloured swimwear, just makes you look NUDE.

The so called flesh colour can vary from peach to latte to chocolate depending of course, upon your natural skin tone. But sorry folks. From a distance, you do actually just look like you're in the nuddy.

Stupid advice.

Ditto for the one that says curvy girls should wear a belt to accentuate their curves. This looks okay from the front. But from the side, it just looks like you forgot you were fat. Oops...sorry. Curvy. Don't get crazy on me. I'm a curvy girl myself.

No. Just No.

Belts are for little slender girls to use as accessories on the teeny weeny nipped in waists. Not for curvy girls to sausage themselves into a faux hourglass shape.

Stupid advice.

Finally for me, the one that says we Plus Sized ladies should lug around Plus Sized handbags.


Is it assumed that we have a cartload of stuff in there with which to supplement our curvy bodies? A secret stash of Turkish Delights or Tim Tams?

Strangely the rationale is that it's 'scale'. A woman of substance needs to carry a bag of substance because we'd look bigger if we carry a little elegant clutch. Frankly, if that were the case I'd just about need an Antler roll-away cabin bag to make me look right in terms of 'scale'.

What nonsense. A gigantic handbag just makes you look untidy I reckon. But then I have a thing about having a sturdy, neat looking bag. No slouchy hobo bags for me.

Stupid advice.

What stupid fashion advice have you heard of or read lately?

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