The Pros and Cons of favourite SS ideas

Posted May 6th, 2014 by Mimi

I've been an SSer for seven years now, at least on this site. I've been an SSer in practice for many more years than that.

I've decided to post some pros and cons for some of the ideas I've put in to practice over that time.

Todays idea is buying in bulk.

Buying in bulk can save you money. With the emphasis on the can.

Here are some items I've bought in bulk, that have created other issues that have cost me money.

Toilet paper

Pros: always have loo paper available

Cons: takes up a lot of storage space and DH had to build a special shelf in the garage to house to bulk loo paper

Cost: $75 and a lot of swearing and aggravation

Strawberry runners

Pros: Sweet succulent strawberries from my own garden

Cons: DH didn't like the look of the plants in the garden (his pride and joy). I had to spend $90 on wicker baskets and potting mix to make the plants 'look' nice, and then we only got three strawberries. The possums got the rest.

Cost: $115 including the plants

Grocery items on special

This could be tinned stuff, gluten free bread, dog food, whatever.

Pros: Financial savings of up to $10 per week

Cons: takes up a lot of storage space and maintenance of limited kitchen cupboards

Cost: $50-$100 in storage containers and baskets to keep it all neat and accessible


Things purchased at end of season at ridiculous prices for the following season

Pros: Significant savings on items that may have originally been valued at hundreds of dollars, marked down to single digit prices

Cons: Probably buying stuff that may not be needed simply because it's so cheap

Cost: Money spent on clothing not required and then having to store it (are you seeing a theme here?)

That's just a few.

What I've learned primarily is that there is ALWAYS a bargain somewhere when you need something. Stocking up, buying up bargains, or squirrelling stuff away (all of which are things we SSers are good at) is pointless if you spend half your life trying to find ways to use it up, declutter, or get rid of it when it's deemed unsuitable for whatever reason.

It's also pointless if you have to build new shelves, cupboards, sheds or houses, to accommodate all of your bargains.

What are the pros and cons of your favourite SS ideas?

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