One cake tin = happy memories and money in the bank

Posted September 6th, 2014 by Mimi

My daughter in law asked me for this cake this week.

She wanted my one year old granddaughter (well, not quite one) to smash it up for a new idea going around called Cake Smash. Quite the done thing with bubs, where you let them loose on a cake and let them do what they will. Funny, but cute.

So when she did this for granddaughter number one about eighteen months ago, she paid $70 for the cake. To smash up. Really.

This time Nanna came to the rescue.

First of all I had to buy the tin.

It looks like this...

Two cake mixes later, it was baked.

A batch of my favourite buttercream icing tinted a pretty colour, and it was iced.

A sprinkle of pearly edible dust and some sprinkles and flowers and voila!

I nearly fainted at the price of the tin, but reasoned that we'd still be ahead and have the cake tin to boot, as I scored one at Spotlight at 30% off at a Wilton about great timing ;0)

And even better, I've had orders for three more Cake Smash Giant Cupcakes since, at $40 each....woo-hoo!

So my $49 investment has paid off.

Who woulda thought?

This was so easy that anyone could do it.

I feel a Cake Smash SSers Cakemaking Club coming up :)

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