Wardrobe Survival Skills from scratch...Making lingerie

Posted September 19th, 2013 by Mimi

I've set myself a new challenge.

I recently became more acquainted with my sewing machine over a marathon geisha costume making event for DD's school.

Whilst doing so, I rekindled my long love of sewing clothes, and suddenly realised that I could be doing a lot more with the stash of fabric and patterns I already have at my fingertips.

Long years of being the primary carer for my disabled son nipped the stitching and designing in the bud, but I have my confidence and my time back now that he lives independently.

So first things, first.

All my daggy undies, bras that no longer fit and nighties that are grey from long wearing and washing...gone. Just like that. Not even in the op shop bin as I have a thing about second hand 'smalls'. Just gone into the vortex of overstretched stuff and nonsense.

I literally have three pairs of knickers and three bras, that fit, so some undies and some sort of bra or cami's are first cab off the rank. Quickly followed by some three quarter PJ pants, a couple of slip type nighties and some cami tops to go with the pants.

I have an enormous stash of fabrics so I'm off and running.

Best of all, I'll be showing DD that she CAN make those things, and they'll be far prettier than anything she could afford to buy :)

I'll post photos as I go.

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