Slow Down...I want to get off!

Posted May 17th, 2010 by Mimi

It seems sometimes that the Universe just hurls stuff at you when you can least deal with it.

My estranged Dad became gravely ill and passed away within the week. Thank goodness I had the internal fortitude to face him, hug him, tell him I'd missed him and how much I really did love him. Lord knows, others are not as fortunate. The burden of his funeral was mercifully (for me) handled by his second family, leaving my siblings and I the task of simply arriving, saying some kind words, and returning home with a sad, empty feeling. Human beings are so difficult to understand sometimes.

My Son's big move into his own abode is moving slower than both he, and we, would like. The bureaucracy we call Government, doesn't sense our urgency and having granted us some funding for carers for him, have now seen fit to not issue the money until June 30.

The computer, washing machine, dryer, and cordless phones all had a meltdown and had to be replaced in double quick time. This is in addition to trying to budget to purchase the exact same items for DS in his new unit. Budget now looking VERY sad.

It truly was a week where I just wanted to yell at Mother Earth....STOP! I WANT TO GET OFF! But of course, there's only one way of doing that, and it involves following my Dad into the hereafter, and I'm not ready for THAT yet. So we just continue. One foot in front of the other. It's cruel, but life does go on.

I'm not entirely certain that I'm finding Mimi at all at the moment, but then it sometimes transpires that you find out the most important things about yourself, when facing a crisis.

I'm hoping like crazy that I slink out of the other end of this tornado that is our current circumstances, and look back over my shoulder saying cockily, "Well, THAT wasn't so bad!"

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