Refrigerator Apple Crumble Pies....very yummy no bake dessert

Posted October 8th, 2015 by Mimi

I've been surviving without an oven for a couple of months now.

First my oven stopped working. Then it took a while to get a new one. Now we're waiting for the electrician (a friend) to install it. We're still waiting.

It's been good training actually.

We've eaten far more fresh produce, and now that the weather is warming up, it's no imposition to keep going.

That said, we still crave a treat now and again, and I came up with this idea in desperation, as my daughter needed something for her dance friends to eat.

I used bought biscuits as obviously without an oven, I couldn't bake them myself, but in the interests of saving money you could certainly do that.

So forgive the packets and tins, bear in mind that this was a quick and easy treat for very active girls, and not sedentary folk like me, and give it a try. I think you'll like it.

I made ours with bought gluten free biscuits and it was still inexpensive to make, compared to buying an equivalent amount of gluten free or normal treats.

I made little individual Crumble Pies, in silicone muffin moulds and they popped out perfect and pretty. You can of course also do this in a dish or cake tin of any kind and just spoon out what you need. Another alternative is to do them in cupcake wrappers.

You'll find this is very quick and easy, and extremely yummy.

You'll need:

1 x 250gm packet of Anzac biscuits

1/2 packet (125gms) of a different plain biscuit or combination of biscuits...any will do

200gms butter

1 x 800gm tin Pie Apples or equivalent in home stewed apple

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Then just:

Put the Anzac bikkies in a clean teatowel, and crush them to fine dust with a rolling pin or meat mallet. If you have a food processor then of course, that's the easiest way!

Put the crushed Anzacs in a bowl and put 100gms of butter on top. Microwave for about 50 seconds to melt the butter and mix it all well.

Press this mixture into the base of 10 silicone muffin molds or the base of a casserole dish or cake tin, or into cardboard type cupcake holders.

Chill these while you do the next bit.

Mix the Pie Apples or stewed apples with the cinnamon and set aside.

Crush the other biscuits the same way, melting the butter and combining as before. The reason for using different biscuits is really just to vary the texture and flavour of the base and the top. Use all the same if you wish.

Divide the apple equally between the pans, and smooth the tops.

Use a spoon to sprinkle the other mixture on top, pressing lightly into the apple.

Chill well.

Pop out of the silicone moulds and eat with a spoon, and a scoop of ice cream on the side.

Not for every day, but a great Summer dessert for a special occasion, and very yummy :)

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