Home made Cornettos...-55c each and yummy!

Posted November 2nd, 2015 by Mimi

I used to make these years ago, and kind of forgot about them.

Then my daughter had friends over and wanted to make a fun dessert so we made them again.

Now, she's addicted to them. Thank goodness she's as thin as a bean and active!

These win over bought Cornettos any day of the week. You will like them, I promise, and they're a cost effective replacement too! Each home made Cornetto costs about -55c.

Make them ahead to the last spoonful of icecream and store them in ziplock bags in the freezer so you can portion control what's going into them....lol!

You'll need:

Waffle cones

Ice magic or home made equivalent (I'm pretty sure there's a recipe in the Starving Woolies threads)

Thick chocolate topping or home made equivalent

Vanilla Ice cream

Tinned whipped cream

Then just:

Drizzle some Ice Magic inside the waffle cones, turning them to entirely coat the insides. Set them standing up in the freezer to solidify the chocolate a bit. Make sure you drizzle some extra into the bottom, just like a real Cornetto.

After a few minutes, remove the cones from the freezer, and add a spoonful of icecream to each. Drizzle in some more Ice Magic.

Top this with enough icecream to fill the cone level with the top edge, and add a last drizzle of the Ice Magic.

Finish with a generous puff of the tinned whipped cream and a drizzle of thick chocolate topping.


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