Today I'll be happy if....

Posted June 20th, 2013 by Mimi

I don't make a habit of NOT being happy. In fact, it's my habit to seek happiness in small tasks or find it the little joys in my day. Things like a herbal tea with my doggy at my feet, a brisk walk through a pretty path near my home, or listening to my daughter singing show tunes in the shower!

But today, when I'm right in the middle of trying to declutter my daughters bedroom whilst she is absent at camp, the weather has turned gloomy.

No biggie really. I actually love gloomy weather, seeing it as permission to snuggle up at home. But I had these grand plans you see.

I was going to drag her pillows and mattresses outside and air them. I was going to do the same with the rug on her floor.

I was going to wash all the bedding and remake the bed with the pretty lilac flannelette sheets I snaffled at Big W yesterday for just $21.

I was going to mop and vacuum and dust.

Now, I can of course, still do some of those things. But some of them required sunshine, gosh dang it!


Today I'll be happy if I just get the dusting, vacuuming and mopping done, and get her bed linen changed.

That I CAN do :)

What's going to make you happy today?

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