What is on your list of things NOT to do, that contributes to your quality of life...

Posted March 5th, 2015 by Mimi

Hello all :)

I keep getting people asking me on my external blog, how we save for our trips and little luxuries.

I responded to one comment that it's not really about 'savings'. Saving implies an action that we do not indulge in. We simply leave our money in the bank. So it's more of an 'inaction' that provides the money for us to go on lovely holidays and have a comfortable life.

That got me thinking. What other 'inactions', what other activities do we all undertake, like 'insourcing', or do we all cultivate, that make us SSers?

My list of inactions would include:

Not buying a new car every two years

Not paying someone else to do things that we can do ourselves from washing our cars and the dog, to landscaping and building

Not eating out very often

Not having takeway for meals

Not eating in cafes

Not having coffee out and about

Not buying a gift when I can make one similar or identical for less

Not buying cheap gifts that will probably be discarded or re-gifted

Not buying expensive florist bouquets when a trip to the flower market and my own backyard will yield one just as beautiful

Not buying new when I can check eBay or Gumtree first and find a bargain

What else do you NOT do that contributes to your SS life?

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