Jewelled Eton Mess in a Cone...nice, easy, truly awesome dessert.

Posted October 27th, 2015 by Mimi

I was inspired to serve our Eton Mess in a cone, by the old Cream Horns that were once available at local patisseries and cake shops. A cornet of puff pastry, filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam, all dusted with icing sugar. Absolutely scrumptious, if a bit sinful.

In todays 'eat healthy' world, cream horns are not seen so much any more. And of course with waffle cones readily available, why would you go to all that fuss and bother with puff pastry anyway!

The inspiration for the jelly jewels came about when I discovered that the berries I had bought to recreate this, had been eaten by a certain someone in this house, not me. The culprit is not owning up.

So, I had three different pink jellies, and thought...well, why not!

Clearly, these are not for every day eating. But as an occasional treat or dessert for a special celebration, they are unbeatable. Quick, easy, impressive.

You'll need:

Waffle cones

1 carton whipping cream

Several meringues, crushed lightly so you have some crumbs and some chunks

Berries, either fresh ones lightly macerated with a little sugar and left to chill for an hour or so, or frozen ones, thawed and drained OR pink or red jelly crystals.

Then just:

If using the jelly jewel idea, make the jelly up with just one quarter of the recommended amount of water, pour into a small container from which you can easily release the set jelly, and chill until firm. This will take about 45 minutes in the freezer, or up to 2 hours in the refrigerator, so do this ahead of time.

Once set, remove the jelly from it's container, and cut into tiny cubes. Set aside on a platter in the refrigerator.

Whip the cream till stiff peaks form.

Lightly fold in the berries and/or some of the jelly jewels and crushed meringues.

Scoop into the cream and berry/jelly jewel mixture into waffle cones, top with a couple more jelly jewels or a berry, and serve.

That's it!

I love an easy treat :)

Note: We use Gluten Free Waffle cones, which are available in the Health Food Aisle in many supermarkets.

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