A Very Savings Christmas 2

Posted September 7th, 2010 by Mimi

I went through my gift stash yesterday, and alarmingly, I'm still wa-a-ay short of where I need to be at this point in time.

We have a large family, lots of teachers and DD's friends and I like to give all of them something nice, so I need to produce about 70 gifts for under $5 and under $3 preferably by the first weekend in December. That's just 12 weeks away.

I'm a decent basic seamstress so as I mentioned, there'll be some more scrunchies and headbands happening. I have a bolt each of green, sage, and marle grey t-shirt type fabric that I'll use for some little shorts and PJ pants. These were picked up for $1 each...for the whole bolt....about 5 years ago!

So my goals are:

Week 1: 20 matching scrunchies/headbands and 20 x sets of personalised stationery for DD's friends and older nieces. Tomato relish and Redskin Vodka for gourmet baskets.

Week 2: 6 x Christmas Compote in recycled Moccona jars. Home Made Limoncello.

Week 3: 20 x Tall cupcakes, baked and frozen for future decorating. I'll also do the white chocolate discs with red and green swirls through them to decorate the tops of the cupcakes, and buy the Christmas themed Vellum paper and ribbon to wrap around them. They will be assembled in under a minute as required

Week 4: 4 x Panforte with edible goldleaf (this is for teacher presents and will be sliced up and wrapped in cellophane) 6 x shorts, 6 x PJ pants.

Week 5: 12 x Beach bags/Library Bags/Shoe Bags

Week 6: 6 x Cake in a Jar. Over-the-door puppet theatre and wooden spoon puppets for DD.

Week 7: 6 x Preserved red and green Capsicum/Soda Bread mix in a packet (add liquid)/Home pickled onions/Garlic infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These are for baskets for our adult children and their partners. To this I will add home made cheese balls, home made pate` and Date, Raspberry and Cream cheese chocolate truffles.

Week 8: Muppet style puppet for DD

Week 9: Muppet style puppet for DGS

Week 10: Music themed painting for DH

Week 11: Continue painting. Chalkboard on canvas for DS. Make Cheese Balls, Pate` and Truffles to go in baskets from Week 7.

Week 12: Nothing because I'll be busy with DD Christmas dance concert all week and weekend.

Not so bad...I think...lol!

Photos will follow as I work through the list. No doubt I'll change my mind a few times, and will keep you all up to date.

Wish me luck!

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