Magic Mix is Magic!

Posted August 25th, 2010 by Mimi

Well there are a few versions of the so called "Magic Baking Mix" around so I won't bore you with the details of mine. Suffice to say, I can never leave a good thing alone and have experimented with a few different takes on this idea before finally coming up with a blend of ingredients that I'm happy with.

So armed with my huge container of Magic Mix (Special Blend), I've been churning out goodies at a great rate of knots.

Yesterday I made the most ENORMOUS Anzac Biscuits using the mix.

That's a standard sized dinner plate and a choc mint slice bikkie (not home made...whoops!) just to give a size comparison!

The day before, I had a cook-up for DS and made not one, but 2 Impossible Lasagnas. When you have the baking mix already prepped, you wouldn't believe how quick and easy this recipe is. It's not 'quite' as good as real Lasagna, but jeez it's a good economical substitute.

I'm now experimenting with a Christmassy Slice, and a Mexican Bake using the mix.

As much as I miss having DS around, I find I now have plenty of time to bake and create to my hearts' content. All the kitchen appliances that have been hiding at the back of the cupboards are now getting a good workout, and the refrigerator and pantry now look well stocked and tidy.

As is the case when your children are tiny, having someone with high support needs in the home, just means that all those little things get away from you sometimes, so I am relishing the freedom to get in and tidy ONE WHOLE CUPBOARD, without interrruption.

DS benefits as well, as his freezer and pantry are groaning with home baked goodies!

Now, if only I could find a decluttering expert to do the rest of the house for me cause my interest in anything but cooking is zilch!

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