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Posted May 21st, 2010 by Mimi

How can I save money when every time I blink, there is something we've forgotten for DS new bachelor pad, and DD needs new something-or-other for dancing. Yes we have a dancing queen here as well. Now there's an expense to be reckoned with!

Then of course there's birthdays. I don't know about you, but we seem to have a birthday every week of the year here. Last week, there were two friends celebrating. This week it's my sis. The two friends warranted cards and phone calls only. Sis is getting some Flanno PJ's snaffled in the sales last year for six bucks...she won't care...she'd probably rather I got her something at the Op Shop.

We are a proud family of Op Shoppers. Of course when Mum used to take us op shopping as kids, it was out of sheer necessity. NO-ONE except the poor, shopped at Lifeline then. But that's okay, coz like everything, op shopping has come out of the shadows.

Over the years, op shops have yielded a treasure trove of household goods, clothing, luggage, furniture, gifts and more for our family. I have friends who are seriously op-shop-a-phobic and greet my purchases with a curled lip and a slight withdrawal of the hands which one moment before, were stroking said purchases in admiration.

In just the last fortnight, I've purchased the following treasures:

Forest green mink blanket QS in great condition $10

Genuine Disney Minnie Mouse backpack. Actually a Minnie Mouse doll about 45cm long with a pouch on her back $2

Casserole dishes, platters, storage containers $10

Breville Pie and Pizza maker still in box $10

Fancy toaster $10

Curtains $4

Aquamarine look necklace $1

Ballet slipper vase 20c

Musical jewellery box, big one with dancing dolls in a mirrored case on one side...a real find in mint condition....$25...for DD's next birthday

Jacks surfboards chocolate brown chenille jumper for DS $3 (this one and the next 2 would retail for $90)

Rusty brand brown jumper for DS $7

Country Road Khaki jumper for DS $7

So, I don't know, a guesstimate of $700 worth of stuff for a mere $99.20. So, WHERE'S THE PROBLEM???

My op shop obsession allows me to finance my DD's obsession with dancing, buy my Natio skin products, treat my family to a holiday at least once a year, and stay out of credit card debt.

Sorry...for my money, Myer and DJ's can have all the EOFYS sales they want....I'll stick with my local Lifeline.

I love you Lifeline...mwah!

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