Recycling to save...

Posted June 29th, 2011 by Rob Bob : )»

Been a while so thought I would put up a post on how we saved many $$ on a new clothes line..

Our old Goliath Line was a tad dangerous due to my hight & its sharp poles... We also wanted a place to put a Marquee for our wedding reception so down she came... We priced replacement lines & the cheapest was around the $100 mark but not big enough so decided to put my thinking cap on & came up with this,

Most happy with the new line & it cost us under $30 by using some post we already had & a recycled play set the kids no longer use... It holds 2 full loads from out 7.5kg washer so thats not to bad either... A proper long line will be placed up the side of the house at a later date... Feel free to wander through our garden blog, or house blog,

Have a great one All... Rob : )

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