It be raining : )» : (»

Posted September 21st, 2010 by Rob Bob : )»

Great weather if you be a plant at the moment, however, not so great if you are itching to get the last Garden bed up & running..... Only have a bit of paving to do once the bed is up & then we are done for this year... We will be adding some more Wicking Barrels, Bench/Storage boxes & a few seats as we love sitting around in the garden yabbering about Life the universe & what's the best way to tackle the Sanity Crisis in the world today....

We have 2 Beautiful Lady Zucchin flowers but no males at the moment to allow them to reach their full potential.... Rather sad really... :(

Have found heaps of these little native Geckos in the garden lately as well as heaps of large Yellow Striped Skinks that just wont stay still for the Camera.... Great little bug hunters....

Have a great one all....

: )

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