Thai Chook & Prawn Soup....

Posted May 13th, 2010 by Rob Bob : )»

Chilli Paste

2cm piece of Galangal

Large Lemongrass "Bulb"

large clove of garlic

2 large Shallot "Whites"

Tbsp of sweet chilli sauce... If the kids weren't eating this I would of added a chilli or 2 large tsp of hot chilli paste..

Tbsp of Rice bran Oil....

Whizzed these together in a mini Food Processor to make paste...


1L of good Chook Stock

400g chook sliced thinly.... I use Thigh for The flavour...

l Kaffir Lime leaf

l Tbsp of Fish Sauce

1 Tbsp lime juice

6 pealed Banananananananan prawns (just for mum & dad :) )

Heat up oil saucepan & fry off chilli paste.

Add Stock, bring to the boil then add chicken & Lime leaf... I let it simmer for hour after it came to the boil again..

While simmering, I finely sliced some Celery, Broccoli stems & added them to 4 bowls along with some julienned carrot & some Chinese greens..

After an hour I added the Prawns, lime juice & Fish Sauce & simmered until the prawns were cooked.

The chook & prawns were dished out while I brought the liquid to the boil & then dished it up over the Veg & meat....

We added a tsp of chilli to each of our bowls just to spice it up a bit....

Best one yet Me thinks.....

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