The Pantry Pirates!

Posted June 9th, 2011 by Penny Wise

I thought I would share a photo of some very special people - our rugby team! Somehow - after vowing we wouldn't get involved in ANYTHING for a while - Noel and I have found ourselves with the task of coaching 22 12 -14 year old boys for four months. At first this was somewhat of a daunting prospect. Having coached teenage boys before we were all too familiar with the chips on their shoulders, the back chat, the bullying and bickering and the general 'can't be stuffed' attitude. Not only that, we were newbies in town. How would they welcome a pair of total strangers telling them what to do? However we needn't have worried. This bunch are the most fantastic group of kids you could wish for!

They are polite, funny, enthusiastic, caring and committed. They're also impossibly vague, as they all are at this age but vague or not they all turn up diligently to every training and give it their best shot. They are also the reason I currently have no food in my pantry! Almost all of them stay at our house regularly and there's nothing Noel and I like better than watching them dig into the baking (18 brownies miraculously disappeared overnight last week) and tuck into hearty stews. Who knows, we could be feeding future All Blacks! Although I had to laugh the other day. The very next day after writing my last blog on Double Dinners and how frugal we were being at feeding the troops, I came home and found them in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Two packets of spicy noodles, 27 (yes, you read right) 27 fish fingers AND leftover stew on toast! Guess we won't be having fish fingers in our $21 Challenge next week!

PS: Can you spot Liam and Ali? They're the tallest and the smallest!

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