3000 camels???

Posted May 21st, 2013 by Penny Wise

For those of you who are also friends with the 'real' me on Facebook, apologies if you have read this story before but I thought this wee snippet was jolly enough to share with everyone. Last week the Uma Thurman in me was feeling rather wobbly. In fact I felt more like wimpy Mavis Riley from Coronation Street. Everything I touched seemed to break, trip me up or let me down in some way. Thursday was a particularly low day. My car pretty much blew itself up in the middle of Auckland, followed half an hour later by my phone, leaving me stranded two hours from home with no form of contact. I approached a couple of respectable looking strangers during the day who very kindly let me use their phone (I think they were scared not to, considering I was bawling my eyes out) and by the end of the afternoon my car was fixed. A huge relief but I was feeling pretty sorry for myself as I stood waiting to pay the mechanic, holding a bill for $450 for my car, plus a quote for $670 for the three tyres that needed replacing. Suddenly out of the blue, an enormous Arab gentleman appeared out of nowhere and gave me a big bear hug. 'Smile! I can tell you are someone who smiles a lot. Do not let your face be serious, smile!' At which point I cracked up laughing and he said 'There! You have a beautiful smile! I would pay 3000 camels for your smile! Just don't tell my wife', he let out a huge belly laugh. And off he went. I don't know what the heck he was doing there but after that I couldn't stop smiling! What a wonderful way to be!

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