Taking off!

Posted July 8th, 2008 by Penny Wise

Huge apologies for being so slack with my posts lately, it's been such a hectic time getting everything ready for our big trip to Oz! This is my last posting on Kiwi soil for a while and I'm sorry it's such a short one, which is a pain as I've got so much to write about! Don't get me started on Decluttering Month, I've already donated three huge sacks of clothing to the local op shop and there's so much more to do when we get back! Fortunately I'll still have time upon my return to catch up on Decluttering Month.

As mentioned previously, the Vault has been invaluable when it comes to saving money for our trip. Before Simple Savings I had never heard of Wotif but they have been brilliant. We thought that we already had an excellent deal with a rewards club but we found we could get a better arrangement with Wotif at the same place for the first half of our trip, and we used this tip to save even more on our Gold Coast leg! Even Noel was ploughing through Vault hints, searching for saving tips on car rental. Through shopping around he managed to save an extra $10 a day on insurance excess - another $140 we get to keep! We chose the rental company Letz, so will let you know the verdict upon our return.

The other big expense of our trip is theme parks. The boys have been raising calves and saving hard for almost a year now and as far as I'm concerned they can do whatever the heck they like while we're away - as long as they pay for it! I wasn't quite sure where to start about trying to get discounts but fortunately Kirstin from the SS team came to the rescue, telling me about a very handy website called MyFun, which is free to join and is offering 25% discount off Seaworld, Movie World and Wet n' Wild for the month of July! I did the maths and this works out almost $30 cheaper than the regular 'bundle' deal, so am very grateful for that tip!

It's time for me to fly (pardon the pun) but in case you haven't seen the Forum thread, we are having a Simple Savings get together in Cotton Tree Park (Maroochydore) THIS SUNDAY. How exciting! I can't wait to meet everyone, although Noel and the boys are rather nervous - they have no idea what I've written about them this past three years but everyone else does, teehee! See you there!

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