Spanner in the works

Posted May 14th, 2005 by Penny Wise

Why is it sometimes that no matter how hard you try to spend absolutely nothing, something or someone goes and throws a spanner in the works? Not that it was his fault that my youngest was sick with tonsillitis all week, but straight away it threw my careful plans for the week out of the window. Extra trips into town, chemist supplies, and doctor's appointments - not to mention the cartloads of ice-cream and fizzy drinks for the poor little guy, which invariably turns into half a dozen other things you hadn't planned to buy as well. It goes without saying - if you want to save money, DON'T take your children shopping with you if it can possibly be avoided! Anyway - Master Six now fighting fit ready for Saturday's rugby game with the rest of his team. Raring to go we hopped into the car for the 45 minute journey, turned the key and... nothing happened. Managed to get a jump start to get us to the game, but the same thing happened again afterwards. Battery as dead as a doornail. Twenty minutes and $90 later we zoom out of the local garage, with my car sporting a shiny new battery and me wearing a decidedly jaded expression. I'm really not liking my car much lately! At least our family outing in the evening was guaranteed to cheer me up - at night out at the Super 12 rugby! There's nothing we love better than going to the stadium, what a great atmosphere. We spend a lot of time there through the year, and it's actually cheaper for us to go there than to the movies - and a lot more fun!

Total spends:
Car battery - $90
Family night out - $52
Blooming car... grumble...

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