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Posted March 2nd, 2010 by Penny Wise

Bah, don't you just hate summer colds? Somehow it's not so bad in winter, you can tuck yourself up all cosy and warm, eat lots of soup and feel sorry for yourself but not so in summer. We've tried doing the soup thing and discovered it's really no fun trying to eat it with sweat pouring off you and flies landing on your bowl. YUK! Still, on the positive side I can report that lavender does work well at keeping the flies away! We tried putting lavender oil in the oil burners and whilst this didn't keep the entire house free of flies, we found that positioning the oil burner near where you wanted to be really helped clear the area. It was lovely to be fly-free when I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and the boys found having their burner in the lounge also really helped. I hereby pronounce Tip 1 to be a success! I thought it might be a nice idea to note down all the benefits of each tip I choose during 31 Tip month. In the case of this one, it saved me money because I didn't have to buy fly spray. It saved the planet because it was natural and didn't use any aerosols of packaging. It also helped reduce waste because I hadn't used my oil burners in a long time and essential oils have a limited shelf life. AND - it's better for our health because we're breathing in nice, natural smells, not chemical nasties! Not bad for one teensy tip!

Unfortunately this rotten cold has put me a day behind on doing my second tip, which was cleaning the windows with the lavender solution. I'm afraid I haven't been able to muster up the energy to try it yet, but judging by the results with the oil burner I should imagine it will work. I also have a couple of half empty bottles of flat soda water, which I usually keep under the kitchen sink in case we have a stain emergency but I read in the Vault that it’s also supposed to be good for cleaning windows. It doesn't matter if it's flat, as it's the minerals in the soda water that make the difference. So one way or another, my windows will soon be sparkling!

But that still leaves me with a new tip for today still to choose. Whatever it is, it needs to be something that requires little energy and brainpower! Think I’ll head for the Hottest 100 and see which tips everyone else is liking at the moment. Aha, got it! Dishcloth keeps vegetables fresh! I’ve got a brand new pack of Chux clothes just waiting to be put to good use and a load of salad vegetables threatening to go soft in the fridge. It will take me all of two minutes to do and will save me money and reduce waste. Hooray! Thank you Lil for contributing this tip. You are my SS hero of the day!

I’ve had a few SS heroes lately, ever since I came across the Forum thread ’Who’s your SS hero? This thread makes a lovely, uplifting read in itself but I soon realised that there was no way on earth I could ever choose just one and it made me realise just how often Simple Savers cross my mind. When I make Greek Crockpot Lamb (or more recently, spaghetti!), Mimi is my SS hero. When I make Italian Beef Ragout, Julie V is my hero. When I make French Shepherds Pie, Poppet is my hero (not to mention Liam’s!). To be honest, I never make a Simple Savings-gleaned recipe without thinking of the person who shared it and thanking them inwardly. I’m sure there’s a lot of us like that!

Every time I put a new receipt in my trusty shoebox, Squirrel is my SS hero. When I reach into the freezer and pull out a bag of vegetables, bought fresh and prepared in advance, Cristina is my hero. Chocoholic Mummy has done an amazing job of keeping the Recession Challenge threads going in the Forum and Marinacat is STILL keeping up the ‘Weightwatchers the SS Way’ threads, almost two years after she started! I could keep going for days as there are just too many of my favourites to mention but you get the idea!

I’ve also come across some others lately who unbeknown to them have been award the prestigious title of ‘SS Hero’; most recently my Uncle Spike and Auntie Bobbie, who have just returned to their home in England after a five-week holiday in NZ. It was so rewarding to spend time with these lovely people, whose whole focus is on what really matters in life. To them, it’s spending time with family that is most important, not expensive meals, outings or activities. They are living proof that the less money you fritter away on little things and unimportant luxuries, the more you have for doing the things that really count. The time we spent together watching the boys play cricket, or sitting around the table over a home cooked meal was more memorable than any expensive outing. Now they’ve gone, I’m on the lookout for more SS heroes. Be warned, the next one could be you!

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