Penny's Pantry & Freezer Stocktake

Posted May 15th, 2008 by Penny Wise

Now, for anyone who is going to find looking at a long list of food boring, do not proceed any further! I just thought it would be interesting to compare with other SS'ers. I know a lot of you do OAMC which is what I also aim to achieve after $21 Challenge Month. Looking at what's in my freezer at the moment, I don't think it's going to be too much of a problem!

Freezer Inventory


6 gluten free buns

3 gluten free pizza bases

2 loaves Dovedale fruit bread

3 loaves Dovedale rice bread

6 gluten free paninis

1 loaf 'normal' bread for Noel

1 bag rice bread crusts (for making GF breadcrumbs)


3 bags green beans

1 bag peas

1 bag silverbeet

1 bag broccoli

7 bags cauliflower

1 bag cabbage

4 bags celery


1 container of peaches

1 container of plums

1 container of apricots

2 containers of blackberry and apple

1 large bag bananas


6 vegetarian pies

1 French Shepherds Pie

1 Lamb and Vegetable soup


5 packs of smoked fish

2 whole flounder

MEAT (lol, are you ready for this?)

2 bacon hocks

20 pork chops

15 scotch fillet steak

59 bags of beef mince (yes you read right!)

3 packs gravy beef

5 rolled beef roasts

9 corned silverside

1 bag bacon pieces

3 venison roasts

2 packs lamb medallions

1 pork roast

5 packs venison steak

1 beef pot roast

1 bag oxtail

2 packs BBQ steak

11 packs gluten free sausages

3 packs bacon

1 lamb roast

1 wild pork roast

4 packs porterhouse steak

2 beef shins

2 beef topside roasts

1 pack wiener schnitzel

1 pack rump steak

4 packs fillet steak

1 pack pork strips

6 chicken pieces


12 frozen white wine cubes

1 tub vanilla ice cream

8 fruit ice blocks

1 bag home made chicken stock cubes

4 home made pasta sauce

Jings! If that lot doesn't show the benefits of buying meat in bulk, I don't know what does! Now for the pantry:



1 serve rice and vegetable pasta

1/2 bag risoni

Lasagna sheets

1/2 bag arborio rice

1 bag Basmati rice

1/2 bag sushi rice

Small bag macaroni elbows

1 packet rice papers

1 bag rice and corn pasta


1 jar sultanas

1 bag ground almonds

1 jar dried apricots

Pecan nuts

Pumpkin seeds

Flaked almonds

Pine nuts

1 bag walnuts

Brazil nuts

1 bag cashew nuts

1 bag peanuts

Sesame seeds


1 1/2 packs dark chocolate melts

1/2 pack milk chocolate melts

1 tin treacle


Baking soda

Cream of Tartar

Gluten free yeast

Bread improver

1 bag coconut

Vanilla essence

White sugar

Plain flour

2 bags raw sugar

1 bag SR flour

1 1/2 bags rolled oats

Brown sugar

Tartaric acid

1 tin treacle

1 pack Bakels Gluten Free Bread Mix

1 pack Bakels Gluten Free Baking Mix


Oat bran

Rice flakes

Brown Rice Flour

White Rice Flour

1kg Gluten Free flour

1 box Weetbix

1 packet Butter Cake mix (for emergencies!)

1 tin condensed milk

1 tin chocolate condensed milk

Milk powder

Soy flour

Spelt flour

Corn meal

Rye flour

Ground millet


Golden syrup

Guar gum

Gluten free baking powder

Silver cachous

Hundreds and thousands


1 packet Uncle Ben's Golden Vegetable Rice

1 can pumpkin soup

1 can vegetable soup

6 Fruit Strings

11 packs mini potato chips

1 pack popcorn kernels

2 tins Watties Big and Hearty soups

1 tin spaghetti

2 tins tuna

3 gluten free nut bars

3 packets rice crackers

3 jars home made tomato soup


Tamari sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Olive oil

Sesame oil

Malt vinegar

Cider vinegar

White vinegar

White wine vinegar


1 tin Mixed Bean Salad

2 tins tomatoes

2 tins tomato sauce


Peanut butter


Our Mate (English Marmite)

3 jars home made plum jam

2 jars home made passionfruit jam








Whole cloves

Chilli powder

Yellow mustard seeds


Ground coriander

Garam Masala

Poppy Seeds

Ground Cardamom

Five Spice



Ground ginger

Cayenne pepper


Cumin seeds

Lemon pepper

Garlic salt

Roast chicken seasoning

Thai seasoning

Tuscan seasoning


1 carton lactose free milk

2 packets gelatine

1 packet lime jelly

Bulghur wheat

1 bag palm sugar

1 bag split peas

1 bag lentils

1 jar crushed ginger


2 sachets Easiyo

Hot chocolate

6 Sip Ahh straws

Massel vegetable stock cubes

Massel chicken stock cubes

Oxo cubes


Phew - think that's quite enough to be going on with! I haven't even done the fridge yet but there's not much in there anyway, and of course there's the fresh fruit and vegetables but they get replenished all the time so not really worth including. We've just used up the last of Noel's home grown potatoes, which is a bit sad really, there's nothing we liked better than going out to the garden and digging up a feed of spuds whenever we wanted! Initially Noel said it wouldn't be worth growing potatoes but we have found the exact opposite; it's been well worth it for us. What I like most about my pantry stocktake is seeing how it has changed over the last few years. Almost everything in here is just an ingredient - a basic food which gets used to make into something else. That's a big difference from the old me, whose pantry was full of jars of pasta sauce, Chicken Tonight and packets of cook-in-the-pot meals. I definitely know which one I prefer! Bring on National $21 Challenge Month - I'll be ready!

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