Wellington here we come!

Posted October 20th, 2009 by Penny Wise

Just a quick post to let you know about our upcoming family road trip! We're off to Wellington tomorrow where I'll be appearing on Friday's Good Morning show! I'm still not up to flying so Noel is driving me down (seven hours' drive each way - lucky he likes driving!) and the boys are coming too. We're hoping to make the trip as educational as possible! First thing tomorrow morning they'll be getting a tour of the More FM radio studio as I'm being interviewed at 8.30am. The following day they'll get to spend a morning at the TVNZ studio watching their mum try not to make a plonker of herself on live television. Our $21 Challenge slot is on TV1 at around 11.20am on Friday. So exciting - and so nervewracking all at the same time! Nervewracking mainly because I've put on around six kilos since I've been ill and I know I'm going to absolutely hate seeing myself on TV but on the positive side, at least nobody watching will be able to accuse the $21 Challenge of being a starvation diet. There's definitely no danger of me wasting away!

It seems that everyone wants to know about the $21 Challenge at the moment, which is fantastic! Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marcus Lush on Radio Live. I'm a big fan of his and it's always great to come across a bloke who really 'gets' the Challenge! Definitely the most fun interview by far so far though has been with Cogho and Shaz on Bendigo's 3BO - what a great, fun bunch of people! More stuff coming up next week, will keep you posted.

As mentioned, having to take the boys out of school for a few days, we wanted to make the trip as educational as possible. So as soon as the Good Morning show is over we'll be heading straight to one of our national icons, the museum of NZ, Te Papa! Can't wait, particularly as entry to the museum is free! We'll also check out the Beehive if we get time and show the boys where our country's leaders hang out. Then we'll set off again for the long drive home, but not without one last educational stop on the way! The boys (and Noel) are very excited about visiting the National Army Museum at Waiouru so they can learn all about their ancestors. A busy few days indeed, will tell you all about it when we get back!

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