No such thing as a free lunch

Posted March 17th, 2010 by Penny Wise

Another busy week, with more library talks and even more planned for the future. It's certainly a fun way to see the country - be warned, your town could be next! I've realised that to save the money I need for Liam’s new school I need to start a ‘Would Have’ account. In this, I plan to put all the money I would have spent without using my Simple Savings brain. It's rather like the Vault hint 'We were going to' box stops needless spending. Every time I stop, think and save, I will put the money it would otherwise have cost me into this new account. I proudly started it off on Monday by depositing $10. That's the money I would have spent on lunch and a drink while I was out doing my library talk, if I hadn't packed a drink and a sandwich. I think it will work brilliantly but also a bit scary to see how much I COULD have spent! It's just a shame I wasn't able to put the twenty-something dollars in there that I spent on McDonalds yesterday. Granted, it had been a horrendously busy day and if we hadn't eaten something soon we would have fallen over but I would much rather have seen that money go towards my children's education!

I just want to take the Should explain about Liam’s school options here. The purchasing planner will come into its own here too, Cleaned the loo with vinegar and baking soda. Best ever! The fly repellent window cleaner has also made a huge difference. Shame I can’t spray the whole house with it! Am so proud of Alex! He’s been reading his $21 Challenge book and what really stood out for him was the poster ‘Little bits add up’. He is currently Year 13 and his friends all have a tab – a TAB! – at the school canteen. They are racking up around $50 a week on canteen food, where Alex brings his from home. On the days he forgets to pack his lunch, he keeps packets of noodles at the school which he can make himself for 30c each. The thing is, if these kids are doing this now, what happens when they leave school? They go out into the world and either get jobs or go to uni where in either scenario, they buy their lunches every day. So what are they working for? To pay for their lunches! Crazy!

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