Battling the bugs

Posted June 9th, 2005 by Penny Wise

It's all about getting rid of bugs for our lot this week - and I mean all kinds of bugs! First, I must give you an update on my little boy Ali, who has had plenty of health problems to contend with lately. After our phone conversation with Fran Sheffield, the homeopath, we excitedly received a parcel containing Ali's remedy a few days later. This poor child has had a constantly streaming nose for five weeks now, which has resulted in nasty sore red patches under his nose, and has made daily life a bit of a struggle in general. I gave Ali a tiny amount of the remedy (and I mean miniscule) on Saturday lunch time, and I couldn't believe what happened after. By dinner time, his nose was completely dry, and the sore red patches had disappeared! I mean, totally gone. He was one happy chappy, and so was his brother, as it was the first time in ages that he hadn't had to put cotton wool in his ears at bedtime, to muffle the sound of Ali's snoring! I couldn't wait to tell Fran, who advised me to keep giving him the same tiny amount three times a week, for the next two weeks. We also received another bottle from Fran called 'Flu Stop!' which couldn't have come at a better time. Almost 50% of students at the boys' school are currently absent from school with the 'flu. I have dosed our whole family with the preventative treatment, and so far we have been unaffected. When I see how most of my friends have been affected by loss of work, huge chemist bills, doctor's and even hospital visits in the last couple of weeks, $20 for a bottle of Flu Stop seems a small price to pay in comparison!

Another one still 'battling the bugs' is poor old Dudley the dog, who continues to have problems with his ears. Luckily, thanks to a hint I learned from Simple Savings member Gabrielle Crowe this week, he no longer runs a mile when I loom over him with his ear treatment. Instead of trying to shove the tube of ointment down a squirming, wailing Dudley's ear, Gabrielle said to cover your finger with a small amount of cling film. Then, you can use your finger to gently apply the ointment where it's needed, without causing too much stress. It really works a treat, and hopefully being able to apply his cream properly will avoid me having to take him back to the vet - thanks Gabrielle!

A friend of mine and her family have just moved house, and are having a dreadful time with cockroaches. Even though the house has been scrubbed from top to bottom, they are still everywhere, which is really upsetting for them. So far, they have spent heaps on eradicating treatments, but none of them have been effective. When I came across a hint in the Vault for making your own cockroach bait, I cheekily emailed it to her. She called me back, thanking me profusely and that she was already well on the way to making her first batch, as she already had the ingredients in the house, so it cost her nothing to try. I can't wait to see if it does the trick, I'll keep you posted!

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