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Posted May 4th, 2005 by Penny Wise

Very pleased with self. Passed local vege shop on the way to rugby practice and spotted 10kg of potatoes on sale for $3.99 - saving me between $3.00 and $8.00 on usual prices in our area at the moment! They're good ones too - don't you hate it when you buy one of those big brown bags only to find the potatoes inside are more like peas? Stopped at corner shop for hubby's beer and really surpassed my usual shopping skills. I found it was $3.50 cheaper to buy two six-packs of stubbies than a 12 pack of the same brand! Mind you, I spent so long scrutinizing the different varieties to see which was cheapest I think Mrs Chegwidden thought I must have a bit of a problem in the booze department. Seeing as I was on a roll, I whipped up a batch of muffins to make economical use of the oven while I was cooking tea. I'm not a bad cook, but I'm a terrible baker. I can only successfully bake one variety of muffins - chocolate and banana. Luckily the kids only like that variety anyway. Blasted smoke alarm went off again tonight while cooking dinner. It's done it every night this week, which really upsets me because I'm really not burning anything, but it makes the rest of the family think I am. At least it's quieter since I hit it, though I think it may mean I have to replace it now. Fed dogs, only to find hubby had arrived home first and fed them already (which he never does). Not very economical, especially when there's three of them. Dudley now home and on three different types of medication. I can't wait to see the bill...

Total spends for day:
Corner shop - $59 (only on things we really needed, honest)
Vege shop - $4.00 (spuds advertised at $3.99 but of course it gets rounded up)

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