Bathroom reno blues!

Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Claire S

As I write this, I sit surrounded by bits of GIB in varying sizes, a plethora of power tools and dust in every corner and crevice of the house. I also have dust and debris in my hair, up my nose and everywhere else as I haven't showered for two days. I feel like Pig-Pen (the boy from Charlie Brown that has flies and dust clouds following him everywhere). The source of such chaos? We're finally having our bathroom renovated! Of course, it's great that we're getting a decent bathroom at last, but having hemorrhaged money for the past week - combined with being without a functioning shower, and I've nearly had enough! The old 'bucket and flannel' method just doesn't cut it!

After two quotes tipping the $10k mark, we decided to do as much as we could ourselves. We managed to wangle a decent discount on materials from a friend who works at Mitre 10, plus we have a friend who installs GIB, so he sorted out the walls. Yet our estimate of $500 for tiling was blown out of the water (it's looking more like $1500... clearly we had no idea what was involved there!) and don't even ask how much the plumbing bill came to - groan! I guess we were being a bit overly optimistic that we could keep it under $3,000 (and get in done in a weekend!!), still, it won't be anywhere near as much as paying a bathroom company to do it all for us. But gosh, it's such a slow process! The plumbing took half a day, the walls took another day and a half, then plastering, waterproofing... and the tiling starts tomorrow and will take three days!

But the worst part... the tiler has told us that tomorrow night, we'll won't be able to use the toilet because the tiles can't be walked on! Whaaat? How will I function? I need to pee at least three times a night! A litter tray perhaps? Fun times ahead for the Smith family!

All being well, we should have a brand-spanking new wonderfully tiled, clean and hygienic bathroom in three days time... until then, just call me Pig-Pen!

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