Back on the WW wagon... and losing it!

Posted March 20th, 2013 by Claire S

I have a confession. I've reneged on one of my New Year's resolutions. I promised myself I'd lose my extra weight - without forking out another cent. But I've had to admit defeat. Last week I rejoined Weight Watchers on their new programme. I tried! Honestly, I tried to go it alone. I even signed up for MyFitnessPal and tracked my calories religiously for three weeks. And gained a kilo. Whaaat? So I'm at the stage where either I took action - or upsized my wardrobe! But there is good news! I lost 1.7kg in the first week and 900g in the second week! Weeee hooo! I guess there's a sense of 'I'm paying for this so I'd better make it work!' I weigh in on Mondays, so I'll keep you updated.

Meantime, I've also had to fork out for new shoes. After battling with blisters and sore ankles for three months, I took a closer look at my shoes and discovered the backs of them were broken and torn inside - hence the blisters (duh!). So I headed off to the New Balance factory store and scored myself the most comfy pair of shoes I've ever worn - for less than half the retail price. That's great I hear you say! Well I thought so too until the very next day I noticed they had a store-wide 40% discount on everything, including the shoes I'd just bought! Well, initially I was philosophical about it and was going to take it on the chin, but then I remembered that I'd be updating my blog today and I couldn't leave the story there, could I? So I rang the store and very sweetly asked if they might just ever-so-kindly consider crediting me the 40% that everyone else was getting. And they did… on the proviso that I didn't tell a soul. So please keep that to yourself. $50 back in my pocket thanks very much. And off I went in my ever-so-comfy new shoes!

On the downside, DS19 has just quit his job! In his defense, his employer was regularly ringing him up and telling him not to come in because there wasn't enough work, and it was costing him a fair chunk of his pay to actually get to and from work. He also wants more time to train for joining the army (he has his interview next month… I think). But he did go about it all wrong. Firstly, he should have at least waited until after Easter so he would have received pay for the public holidays, and secondly, he should have pushed for redundancy instead. Yes, I did tell him all this. No, it didn't make a blind bit of difference. However (in-keeping with my bad news/good news theme), he managed to score a job interview today (he just quit on Monday, so not bad!). Fingers crossed!! I need him to start paying board again!

I'll check back in next Monday… aiming for a loss of at least 600g!

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